Monday , June 5 2023

From here the wind could blow the scent of manhood


Meteorologists calculated and limited the location.

He wrote on the National Weather Service's Facebook page that they can use a special computer forecasting model to simulate where and when the air comes. This was used to calculate where the smell of dung came from, which was felt over a relatively large area, so the results of the calculations did not allow pushing a specific soil / settlement,

but with this method you can limit a larger and narrower area within which you are almost 90% safe to search.

On the map, the most likely source area is highlighted in red on the map, which, not surprisingly, includes the compromises hitherto suspected. It has been written that one can almost throw it out of the yellow field, that it will not be the source of the odor.

The calculations confirm the hypothesis that the source of the nasal odor may have originated in the neighborhood of Óbarok, Felcsút. Previously, Infostart, referring to the Budaörs Info, wrote that he had fertilized the lands between Óbarok-Újbarok-Bodmér. Eszter Csongrádi, marketing director of the Óbarok Garden Rail Network and the related Felcsút Natura 2020 project, said that on Thursday, aquatic fertilizer was applied with a special Russian composite fertilizer to begin planting in the coming weeks.

Featured image: Facebook / National National Meteorology

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