Monday , June 5 2023

Hard to think that the teams will have a big upset


Thirteen were still in the squad at the World Water Polo Championship, which ended on Saturday, with only eleven at the Olympics. If federal captains name their team with two goalkeepers, then the number of field players will melt to nine, which means the results could be significantly affected if teams aren't good on the lineup – reports.


Dénes Kemény reports on the effects of reduced income (Photo: Miklós Szabó)

There was no match in the World Cup with more than three players scoring, but as the two were bigger, the penalties were evenly distributed. In the Olympics, it is easier for four players to come together in the critical three rounds, and if that happens, the substitute goaltender on a team will play on the field. In the worst case scenario, it may also be the case that five teams play on a team and are permanently disabled.

The Olympic rule says that besides the 11 players, two may be in Tokyo but cannot reside in the Olympic Village.

Dennis Hard, deputy chair of the FINA Training Committee, told the Index that the organization has ongoing talks with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Qangjiang, Korea, to allow exchanges in the village and replace goalies, but the IOC has shown little flexibility. However, FINA has the power, as it currently distributes 47 golds in water sports, and one less in rival athletics.

The situation was that they wanted to have not only eight women but ten teams, which was a success, resulting in a double reduction in the number of players allowed into the teams, losing 22 water slots overall.

"It would have been easier for the coaches to manage the coaches. My own experience, as a captain, has shown that one player usually plays less than the others." The page quoted Dennis Hard.

Hard believes that accelerating the game has clearly resulted in positive progress, a change in the referee's mind, and the fact that more exposures are being delivered and the overall reduction in numbers could be a disaster. That's why there are negotiations now.

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