Friday , June 9 2023

He lost in the game, so he wanted to brighten up the Square Enix studio


  • The man was threatened with arson
  • His motive was that he lost a game

We must apologize that the Kyoto Animation studio burned in Japan last month, killing 35 people in that fire. Of course, beyond the US, authorities have taken even more seriously the threatening letter Square Enix received through its official email system on July 23.

Kenichi Hiratsuki, 40, told police he lost a game and was so upset that he sent threatening messages to the studio. We don't know exactly which game it is, but according to Japanese sources he referred to a mobile address in his messages. Also, this is not the first time this year, in April, another half-boy was sent to Square Enix, which spent $ 1,800 on a microtransaction to get the coveted item.


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