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Index – Domestic – Outgoing lions have caused panic in Szeged


17/08/2019. 18:32

The Eötvös Circus performance ended prematurely on Friday evening, after two lions fell on top of each other during a tiger and lion show. One of the lions was tucked into the safety net and rumbled so hard that no one dared to get close, and the concierge owner asked viewers to leave the circus tent as soon as it was broadcast by RTL.

According to the director, due to the mating season, the male lion fell on the female lion and the animal rolled into the net. The captured lion's head was finally pulled from the shooter's net, he was not injured, the animals were back on the side on Saturday and viewers were compensated for the suspended dredging.

Inclusion of wild animals in the circus would be prohibited in the UK, and 20 of the 28 countries of the European Union would otherwise be prohibited from appearing in the ranks. In July of this year, four tigers tore their figure in an Italian circus.

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