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Index – Tech-Science – Tesla's new storage system will replace gas plants


Tesla unveils new, more powerful energy storage than Megapack – writes Techcrunch.

Although Tesla mainly manufactures electric cars, it is also interested in energy storage through the development of the batteries they need, and has been particularly active in this field since the acquisition of SolarCity in 2016 by CEO Elon Musk. Previously, they had two such storage solutions, the retail Powerwall and the Commercial Powerpack, now joined by an even larger, megapower-megapack, with its 3 megawatt-hour battery.

The new storage is modeled after the Tesla pilot project launched in South Australia in 2017, and the company aims to offer an alternative to the so-called Beijing-based power plants launched during the peak period.

And to accelerate its solar and energy storage company, which currently lags behind car sales, this year's $ 6.4 billion in revenue was just $ 368 million ($ 1.9 billion). The trend, however, is clear: in the same quarter, 15 megawatts of storage were sold, an absolute record and an 81 percent increase over the previous quarter.

With Megapack, Tesla can continue to expand its storage business for which it already has a partner: of a 567 megawatt California plant under construction, their solution will provide 182.5 megawatts. The easy to install new storage is fully assembled by Tesla, complete with battery modules, inverters and heat monitoring systems, its own software for controlling and monitoring and automatic machine learning.

(Cover image: Energy storage park concept design – source: Tesla)

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