Monday , June 5 2023

Kata Jaksity was laid off in February – The newsman now finds a new job – Home star


Jaksity up to Kata had to leave the ATV in mid-February. The channel's announcement said it would thank the news broadcast for its many years of work, but the newsgroup reduced the number of news outlets by one person by relaunching resources. The 47-year-old was on television He said goodbye to the channel after 11 years, has spent half of his television career with the ATV. He had not left bitterly, had plans, and now he found a new job.

"I am fortunate that although I had to overcome many obstacles and obstacles, but they only strengthened me, I still had wonderful tasks. I still do not know how to go, my ideas and my dreams, but which door opens or which I open , I still don't know, "he wrote in his farewell almost half a year ago.

In April, he said he didn't mind being fired because he was forced to change and used skills he hadn't used before. He has worked on two serious projects – one of his own, which has nothing in common with television but can use his communication skills.

He has now shared with his followers on Instagram that he has founded the Soul2Soul Soul and Lifestyle.

"I am Kata Jaksity, founder of Soul2Soul Soul and Lifestyle Center. I have spent 22 years as an announcer, editorial reporter in the media. I deal with a lot of spiritual issues in my shows. I think a lot of stress, worry, constant daily routines, work, our responsible care for our children will load our souls from 0 to 24 if we cannot reload properly.And if our soul is not well, it can make our bodies sick.I created the Soul and the Lifestyle of the soul 2 with the intention of being a place where professionals can treat our souls, minds and prevent diseases, "he said.

Kata's Wisdom look he said that besides setting a lifestyle, he also arranges events and doesn't want to go back to the screen.

– I'm learning business, contract writing, finance, how to manage more employees. There is a lot of work to be done, and I will also have club afternoons where I want to deal with serious, heavy issues, he told the newspaper.

Hungarian stars that have aged for decades

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