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Male basket Ek: Alba is impeccable; Defeated Szolnok and Falco

Alba Fahrber, who has already moved forward, won a 21-point victory over Bulgarian athlete Rilski on Wednesday in the fifth round of the European men's basketball competition. Szolnok oil has 13 points, 87-74, and is also passed on to the Italian team Sassari. Zumba Lee won 95-84 as a guest of the Lester riders, who had already been eliminated.

Alba Fehérvár remains immaculate in the European Cup (Photo: Attila Török)


Team coaches of Dzunics Braniszlav traveled to Bulgaria with a 100% balance of 4/4 for a bet without a bet, because Rilski had no chance to move on into the second round of the team 16.

At the end of October, the Belarusians defeated the Soviets in the 84-80 on the home side, and although it was a one-way draw after the first quarter of the game, it left no doubt about the winner.

The most successful player in the game was the American defender of the White House, Elric Freeman had 27 points.


Coach of Dragan Alex promised the 100% Italians with a 3/1 balance, which means that both teams secured their place in the 16 teams in the second stage.

Oil was two and a half points an hour before the end of the season, with seven points remaining in Sardinia, but only hosts traveled to the basket and won 98-94.

On Wednesday, the teams went head to head with the team leader, and the Hungarian team came in later and did not let the opponent back. The best of the Hungarians was Dávid Vojvoda 23 points.


The main coach of Gaspar Okurn was on the 1/3 scale for English yet without a loss, so he was up to the two teams did not go to Group 16 group.

In October, Falco won his only victory over the riders, making it difficult for the Hungarian team in England to obtain the British visa Malagosand Posthauer, Belarus, so that he could not enter the island. In the Wednesday game, the Hungarians would refuse to go to the big break, and then the Hungarian team took over and managed to win in a safe game.

The most successful player in Szombathely Stefan Balmazovic was 28 points.

Price for two, Europe
F-GROUP, round 5

RILSZKI SZPORTISZT (Bulgarian) – Alba Paharbar 83-104 (18-17, 24-34, 20-27, 21-26)
Szamokov. has led: Krug (Russian), Kaludjerovics (Montenegro), Stasiev (Moldovan)
RILSZKI: Harris 3, Marinov 13/3, Georgiev 6, Jenkins 11, Guggeno 16/3. Substitution: Bozov 2, Edwards 6, the fish Yezib 5/3, Marinsky 8, Vesuvius 13/3. Instructor: Ljudmil Hadzsiszotirov
Alba: Cartwright 13, Freeman 27/12, Filovovity 10/3, Lóránt 20, Heath 12/3. Substitution: Bullock 7/3, Keller A, Buickens 15/9, Toth F. Verga M. Instructor: Dzunics Braniszlav
Evolution of the result. 6 minutes: 16-2. P. 18-19. P. 20-27. & # 39; P. 34-46. P. 50-69. P. 60-76. P. 73-85. P. 73-92
Master Balance
Dzunics Braniszlav:
I think we closed the Bulgarian tour with a nice victory. We were worthy, there were times for the game when the boys played very well, that's the most important thing. At first we got stuck, but we returned to the game very quickly. We worked hard all the time, and that's why we managed to achieve a safe success.

the location
1. ALBA 5 5
441-402 10
2. Thinner 4 3 1 342-295 7
3. Porto 4 1 3 325-333 5
4. Rilsk 5 5 379-457 5

Group H
Oil Oil KK-DINAMO SASSARI (Italian) 87-74 (23-22, 16-15, 25-15, 23-22)
Szolnok, 1227 spectators. has led: Yelman (Turkish), Krakacons (Greek), Yorzewicz (Croatian)
Szolnok: VOJVODA 23/9, Kovacs 2, Banka 9, MILOSEVICS 16, Tóth.. 8 Substitution: AIRINGTON 7, Rowsee 4, ANDRIC 13, Murphy 5, Csák. Instructor: Dragan Alexshit
Sasari: Smith 16/3, Bay 15/3, Petteway 12/6, Polonara 5/3, COOLEY 15. Substitution: Thomas 7/3, Devecchi, Spissu, Diop 1, Gentile 2, Thin, Pierre 1. Instructor: Vincenzo Esposito
Evolution of the result. After 3 minutes of play, 9-5. P. & # 39; 17-12. P. 22-22. P. 30-27. P. 37-29. P. 39-35. P. 53-43. P. 61-49. P. 73-57. P. & # 39; 80-72
Kipontozódott: Andric (p. 34), Coley (p. 39)
Expelled: Thomas (p. 23)
Master Balance
Dragan Elkshitz:
It's positive that we won every quarter against the best Italian team. Our success is mainly due to our good defense. This match was a great experience, we hope that we will have a lot of it.
Vincenzo Esposito: We controlled the game in the first half, but in running, our attack collapsed and we dealt too much with the judges. Please note that basketball is a team to play and we need to focus more on defense.

LEISSTER RIDERS (English) -FALCO-VOLKANO ENERGY KC SZOMBATHELY 84-95 (31-27, 24-22, 13-22, 16-24)
Lester. has led: (Greece), Karskis (Lithuania), Esteve Malmirka (Andorra)
LEICESTER: Washington 7/6, Dos 4, Anderson 6/6, holding 19/9, Larson 5. Substitution: Brent 13, Thomson 10/3, Lascelles, Martin 18, Wright. Instructor: Rob Paternostro
Falco: Carrie 20/6, Norfleet 11/3, Váradi in 14/6, Balmazovics 28/18, Reddic 14. Substitution: Judgment No. 6, Justice 2, p. Instructor: Gaspar Okorn
Kipontozódott: Reddic (p. 36), the judge (p. 39)
Evolution of the result. 2 – 5. pp. 11-8. & # 11; P. & # 39; 16-12. P. 24-25. P. 25-25. & # 39; 42-33. & # 39; 46-47. P. & # 39; 55-49. & # 39; 56-57. & # 39; 64-59. P. 66-69. & # 39; 71-86
Master Balance
Gasper Okorn:
I am happy to win, we have increased our confidence, and we could improve after the weak form of the past. In the second half we turned our defense into the advantage of the game.

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