Monday , June 21 2021

NL: In vain, the Greeks won, the Finns are group leaders

Although Greece beat the Finns 1-0 in Group 2 in the National League League, it proved itself fourth.

Although the Greeks won, they remain in the C League (Photo: Twitter)

In the second game of the Hungarian national team, it was directed by Angelos Anastasiadis She did not get the Finns. The four games of the day so far, which have not yet scored a goal, have been knowing that they will surely be the leader of the scoring team, even if they score only one goal or if they score 0-2 except two.

The first half of the equal fight caused only one shot, the Finns missed the goal of bad luck and took their goal, very unfortunate. Lucas Hardecki came right from side to side – right out of the box Albin Grenlundra Örebro's shot from the left sailed high over the bar (1-0).

In the second half brought a much more Greek advantage, which has already been proven in situations, but Mitruglak were not accurate at the gate, so the one-time defeat for Finland to finish the 2nd group. The Greeks have a good second place and they must be at least one point in the last defeat at home ever The last Estonian and the lost.

For more information about the Hungarian game, click here.

Group 2, rounded 5
Greece-Finland 1-0
(Grenlund 25 – Self)

In the second game of the team
Hungary 0-0 (1-0)
Arena Groma. V: Ana Jorg (Albanian)
Hungary: Dabush – Barthes, Urban, Kadar, Korachut – Nagy, Pátkai – Nagy D. (Dzsudzsák, 65), Kalmár (Kleinheisler, 84), I. Kovács – Szalai (Böde, 76). Assistant Federal Captain: Cosimo Ingusio
Estonia: (Vori, 77), Vasiliyev (82), Ogg (Zenjov, 60) – Henri Enner. Federal Captain: Martin Rim
G: Urban (8), Szalay (69)

Group 2 is still
1. Finland 5 4 1 5.1 4 12
2. No 5 3 2 4-4 0 9
3. Hungary 5 2 1 2 7.6 1 7
4. Estonia 5 1 4 3-8 5 1

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