Tuesday , January 26 2021

There is no surprise, the base rate remains dead

The base rate did not fall to 0.9 in the Monetary Council on Tuesday, and the interest rate volatility did not change with the National Bank of Hungary (MNB).

The central bank's bank loan for one day at one guaranteed bank interest rate stood at 0.9, while the Bank of Israel's interest rate for one month remained less than 0.15.

The base rate of the central bank will be in 2016 at the same level.

The interest rate suited the bastards.

Although in October inflation is up to 3.8, this monetary policy can not be used to raise money, long food, and doctrines of doctrines, and it is also a little mammoth, although 2.6 thistle is still a little mild – notes Gergely Suppan, analyst of Takarkbank.

The montris rings have not changed on the base coatFORES: MTI / Csaba Jszai

With the drizzle of the earthquake and the higher of a year later, inflation could fall into the last three decades.

All these hats in the coming days Monetris Tancs can "inflame"

The kondcikon monetris is not a big thing.

The central bank expects 2019 to maintain its three-year inflation rate, and according to the monoteric rings, the loose Monarch chips continue to hold even higher than expected, which means they will not be able to hold 5-8 quarters.

For this reason, in September, the nominal monetary lines were out of stock, and three-month bonds declined by 2018, and the central bank's base rate was in the case of the current account and the rate of preference in jv.

Looking ahead, the central bank will use this option to create an inter-liquid substitution solution combined with an optimal combination of interest rate fluctuations.

Monetris Tancs 2018 mentions the IRS Program of the Institute for Monetary Policy and Program. In favor of lending to small and medium-sized companies, the fixed loan standard (NHP standard) will be launched, which is used to sterilize liquidity within the NBH loan facility, which is sterilized by the MNB base bank with betting interest preference. The regular NHP construction starts at the beginning of 2019 with a bandwidth of 1,000 milliswound.

The monetization of the chances of stagnation until the end of jv is not decay – the surgeon points out.

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