Monday , August 8 2022

You are surprised who became Balázs Sebestyén's assistant in the New Season of the Winning Couple – Hungarian star


New season arrives at Winning Doubles, that was revealed at the RTL Club's press conference this morning, and the channel revealed some of the couple's eight stars as well.

Well-known couples love this time too Sebalyan Balázs try it as a performer, and during the games the player helps, Keep it Request a man who makes the trials of loving couples even more exciting.

The 41-year-old is a former national team footballer with the first season 2016 of his winning partner, Adrienne Róka, in the Winning Couple Reality of RTL Club. In November 2017, after his retirement, he announced that he was accepting the invitation and will be a member of the RTL Club Fest, get it out of here! reality show. In 2018, The Chef surprised viewers with his cooking skills in Season 3 of VIP.

Pip-Adele pie bence1

In the third season of the hugely successful star show, this time, eight couples will move in to decide who will be this year's Winning Couple for the end of the fight for weeks. Every morning he moved to one of the famous doubles Adél Csobot and Bence Istenes will be double.

Akos Sarkozi-felesege1

At the press conference we learned that the star chef Ákos Sárköz and his wife Evaand the star of the Operetta Theater, the actor Dennis Kocsis and his partner, Petra is also included in the Winning Couple.


The battle again takes place at two locations: the luxury villa where couples live, party, tactics and voting;

Vivien Vasvári in sexy bikini

Vivien Vasvári and her husband, Fecsó, Season 2 winners of the Winning Couple are happy to be at the Hungarian Sea, especially since a blonde haired girl has a boat license. Here you can see some of Vivi's most memorable bikini photos.

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