Thursday , January 21 2021

An Indian policeman was injured in the rebel attack of the Democratic Republic

United Nations, November 20: rebel group attack Indian peace police bombed a UN operation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in the Ebola crisis, a UN official said.

STEPHEN FIGURE Eric, spokesman for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, said yesterday that the attack was carried out by the Allied Democratic Suspect Forces (ADF) on Friday evening in the north of Buakan Kibo.

"A member of the Indian police unit stationed there was" slightly wounded, "he said, but he did not recognize the wounded man.

The outbreak of Ebola disease increased the crisis in the DRC, which is in the midst of ongoing battles with rebel forces that have taken over the lives of 154 peacekeepers, of whom 15 are Indians.

The World Health Organization said it had evacuated 16 crew members who were working on Ebola in the area after the house was hit on Friday by a shell that did not explode.

Last week, one of the peacekeepers of Tanzania and six of them were killed by the AFD in the Beni area near Vikana.

The latest victims were members of the Force's Intervention Division, composed of South African, Malawian and Tanzanian peacekeepers, working in cooperation with the military of the Democratic Republic.

The Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, Pierre-Lacroix, said in an interview with the IANS in an interview on Friday that although the Indian peacekeepers were "not part of the Intervention Division of the forces," they were active in other areas.

"Violence is not limited to North Kivu, although it is currently one of the most affected," he said.

For example, "The Indians played a major role in the attack when the city of Obira was attacked," he said.

May-May militias attacked Iwo, the second largest city in the southern province of Kivu, in 2017.

There were 276 Indian police officers serving as observers in the mission of the United Nations Stabilization Organization (DRC), better known as MONUSCO.

In addition, 2,627 Indian soldiers on duty are the second largest group.

Monosco's radio reported details of an ADF attack in the area, but it was not clear if the Indian police officer had been injured in the operation.

The radio reported that the ADF had raided the Vincen area of ​​the North Kivu and attacked a Monsco base on Friday night.

The security forces responded immediately and rejected the attack after an exchange of fire, the radio said.

"The UN Mission and the Armed Forces of the Congo (FARDC) have stepped up security measures in the Beni area, including around hotels occupied by UN staff and humanitarian workers focused on the Ebola response, and have also extended their support for police operations in the Beni area, Said Dujarric.

The force's intervention division stepped up its campaign against the ADF last Tuesday "in response to repeated attacks against the civilian population in the Beni area."

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