Saturday , June 19 2021

Holland Eye League final after handing over France's first post-World Cup defeat to football news

ROTTERDAM: The Netherlands have the qualification for the league championship in semi-finals in their sights after beating France 2-0 on Friday to handle Didier Deschamps their first defeat side since winning the World Cup.

Joa Winaldome beat the half-hour break, and the amazing Memphis Dippy snatched home a one-time penalty to win the Rotterdam victory over Ronald Koman's side, which leaves the impressive Dutch who need only a point against Germany which was postponed on Monday to the jump. Step France and make the semifinals.

The Dutch are a point behind the leaders of France, who only need to draw themselves on Friday to qualify for the knockout stage in their last game in the group but has come a short way.

"I did not expect a perfect game on our part, but that's really what it was, we were very, very good," Koman said.

"I was surprised by France's line and the way we played, but our game was perfect, we controlled the game for 90 minutes."

Winaldome's goal came close to a point of a game dominated by the hosts, who jumped back from the gloom after failing to reach the World Cup.

They dominated the absolute world championship of the class and were denied only an even greater victory by a great performance estimated France Hugo Loris.

"This victory shows the spirit of the team, the quality of the players we have," he said.

"It shows we have a bright future, we have to continue like this, it's only the beginning."

The closest people of Deschamps came to the score were a weak 10-minute headline by Antoine Grizmann, who was another anonymous alongside Killian from the invisible Papa.

"There was one team with a lot of passion and we did not have enough," said Deschamps.

"There was a clear gap between the sides and they deserved victory … We were not in the races and we did not show enough."

The Dutch meanwhile dropped Loris's goal off the road, with Wijnaldum forcing the first French keeper to keep with just a minute on the clock after an impressive burst from the star to become Depay.

The game was done and dust long before the last whistle was not for Tottenham Cork Lloris, which dealt a personal battle almost with the vibrant façade of the Netherlands three Depay, Ryan Babel and Steven Bergwin.

"We played to the minimum of our potential and paid for it, it could have been even more flattering to the Dutch," said Loris, one of France's best players.

"We have to ask questions about ourselves after and hope that the Germans will hit them on Monday."

The Dippie was in particularly good shape, and the attacking Lyon was denied three times in the space of three and a half minutes of Lloris in order to stop the Dutchman add to their total.

First Lloris pushed Depay's free kick in 73 minutes, and then two minutes later the Spurs man saved the bamboozled defenders with two smart saves from the striker in a few seconds.

France finally crept into action not long afterwards but offered a little forward, and with the game rolling to injury time Lloris once again saved his team's flush with the excellent rescuer of Frankie de Jong and a long-term strike after a quick breakaway.

However, de Jong, chosen by Deschamps on Thursday as one to watch the Netherlands, helped his side seal the points when he was packed down in the area by Musa Sissoko with seconds left.

Diffy straightened up and put a brilliant look and team view by a spot kick from Pananka to desperate Loris, who announced the return of Holland to the big stage.

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