Sunday , May 28 2023

Although Seamless, Used Cars Like This Totally Changed By Dealers


LIVE – When a new car was launched, few Indonesians were interested in it. In fact, they already have a private vehicle in the garage of the house.

The completion of the old car arrangements will make many people decide to replace them with new ones. This also happened in the used car market.

Andreas Djingga, the Managing Partner of Carsome Indonesia, usually, people change their cars every five years.

"From the new conditions of purchase to sale again, the average time is five years," he said in Kemang, South Jakarta, on Wednesday, August 14, 2019.

Meanwhile, used car owners who want to resell their mountain ranges usually do so after three years of purchase.

"If the terms are used, about three years. For example, I bought it in 2016, and sell it now," he said.

About the state of the car, Andreas explained, generally used car dealers would not accept if the previous owner had more than two people.

"At most second hand. There are those who want to accept the third hand, but are usually asked to lower the price, although the conditions are smooth," he said.

For information, Carsome is an online platform for selling cars. They have access to expert vehicles to ascertain the value of the units sold. In this way, the car owner only needs one day to sell their vehicle.

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