Sunday , January 24 2021

Become Sharia Financial Aggregator, Natural Fintech Help 10 UK

The company applies a commercial model based on Islamic values.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – PT Alam Sharia Technology claimed to continue to undergo an increase in the number of recipients of financing. Financial technology company (fintech) This has said, in the past six months, it has helped 10 Small and Medium Companies in Indonesia, with total financing of Rp 20 billion.

CEO and Founder of Natural Dima Djani said the increase was supported by Natural Technology, which could do it sieve or filter financing within one day. "Percentage of success sieve accepted by partners of Muslim financial institutions at 80 percent, "he told reporters in Jakarta Wednesday (11/21).

In addition, he said, the associated partners would confirm the data of potential financial recipients in accordance with the Operating Procedure Standard (SOP) before the cost of financing process. Providing Sharing Services for PYM, Alami is working with five partners from Islamic financial institutions, Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM), BNI Syariah, Bank Mega Syariah, Jamkrindo Syariah, and KapitalBoost.

Dima explained, fintech Experience featuring formal solutions the platform SME-financed prioritizing the value of justice and openness. This is how a company is committed to implementing the business model sharia driven one step before the application of the Shari Sharp & a.

"One form of implementation Sharia traveled "What we have done has included providing assistance to recipients of financing in the form of business co-operation to develop SME's financial quality and business," said Dima. Profit maximization however effect maximization namely the moral purpose of doing good, producing social effects, also building a financial system for everyone.

According to the platform, he said that the firm company, established December 29, 2017, expects to play an active role in the development of the sharia economic ecosystem with the interested. At the same time performing the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDG) agenda, according to the United Nations (UN) program.

"Now, of the 80 PYMs that have registered on the Natura Platform, there are already 50 PYMs that have passed the initial screening. Now they are analyzing the partners of Islamic financial institutions," said Dima.

He explained that Natural Finance recipients are required by SMEs in Halal industries such as manufacturing, commerce, health services, education and others. In order to avoid the existence of problematic financing or Non Performing Finance (NPF), at present, Alam also avoids channeling funding to several sectors.

Through Alami, SMEs can request funding for Muslim financial institutions from 200 million. "If we do not specify the maximum financial supply, but usually, if we need very large funds, the company usually has direct access to the bank, so the maximum is about Rp 30 billion, because the PBM in each bank is different" he explained

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