Saturday , June 19 2021

Here are 4 ways to lower fever in children, only 5 minutes!

TRIBUNMANADO.CO.ID – Confused How to reduce heat in children?

Almost anyone can be confused about how to reduce heat in children.

Because not all parents know how.

We need to know that body temperature increases or fever occurs when the body fights all types of infections, viruses, and bacteria.

But in reality, warm body heat is not something to worry about.

Except for days. So you should see a doctor.

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But if your child's body temperature is hot and does not have other problems, such as coughing or colds, then there are ways to reduce the body temperature of the child.

Even for only five minutes!

How to reduce the fever in children within 5 minutes?

You can use some home ingredients. Here are some of them quoted as on Wednesday (11/14/2018).

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