Friday , February 26 2021

Pulp paper industry is driven to use environmentally friendly technology

Creta – Ministry of Industry (Ministry of Industry) encourages the national pulp and paper industry to use eco-friendly technology. This step is in line with making Indonesia 4.0 making which can increase the competitiveness of national products so that they are more competitive in the world market.

"Therefore, the production process in the industry prioritizes efficiency and efficiency efforts in the sustainable use of resources, to be able to imply industrial development with the preservation of environmental functions can provide benefits to the community," said the head of the Ministry of Industry and Industry of Indonesia Research and Development Agency Antara, 11).

Bandung Center for Pulp and Paper (BBPK), a research institute under BPPI develops green standards for pulp paper industry. The results of R & D were presented at the 3rd International Symposium on Resource Efficiency in Pulp and Paper Technology (3 REPTech) on 6-8 November 2018, conducted by BBPK Bandung.

Another objective of the symposium, he said, is to exchange the latest information on the development of pulp and paper science and technology, and to expand the R & D collaboration network by integrating important research data from universities, agencies, non-profit organizations and local and foreign research institutions.

He continued, attended by 250 participants from industry backgrounds, researchers, practitioners and professional experts in the field of pulp and paper, both inside and outside the country.

Ngakan said, apart from Indonesia, the speakers came from Japan, Korea, Australia and Malaysia. "The material presented was among other things about non-fiber fiber source technology, paper recycling technology, a sustainable production system in the paper pulp industry, and the application of the 4.0 industry," he explained.

Ngakan discovered, so far, there were 84 paper pulp companies in Indonesia. Indonesia ranks ninth in the world in pulp and six for paper producers in the world.

According to Ngakan, on the basis of national industrial policy, pulp and paper industry is one of the sectors that has priority in its development. "This is because Indonesia has potential, mainly related to raw materials, where the output of our plants is much higher than that of countries competing with a subtropical climate," he said.

Source: Daily Investor

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