Sunday , May 28 2023

Scientists Discover New Organs in the Skin


Some scientists have discovered a new organ in the skin that feels sore. With this discovery paved the way for more effective treatments for pain management.

"Our study shows that pain sensitivity occurs not only in the nerve fibers of the skin, but also in pain-sensitive organs recently discovered," said senior researcher Patrik Ernfors, cited by Independent, Saturday (8/17)

These pain sensors form a network as a very wide web, so they must be considered as organs. Earlier the nerve cell ends were not opened, however recent research shows that this is not the case.

"This discovery changes our understanding of cellular mechanisms of bodily sensation and may be important for understanding chronic pain," said experts from the Carolingian Institute in Sweden.

Study released in Science showing that new sense organs have Schwann cells with several long protrusions that wrap around nerve cells and help keep them alive. These cells are beneath the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) and long tentacle-like protrusions extend to the outer layer.

This condition does not just involve the nerve endings. However, like nerve cells, they also process pain and are very sensitive to stimulation.

In one experiment, researchers modified mice genetically, so that their Schwann cells were stimulated by light. When the light shines on the feet, they lick and shake, which indicates that these cells have caused pain.

Feeling sick is necessary to survive and protect the body from damage by promoting reflex reactions, such as withdrawal when touching something hot. Scientists say there is still much research on this organ.

"We haven't studied humans. However, considering that all previously known sensory organs found in rats also exist in humans, it is quite possible that they are also present in human skin," said Dr. Ernfors

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