Sunday , January 24 2021

The planet Mars saved humans from extinction, right? – Global warming is a problem that never ceases to be discussed. This allows extreme climate change on Earth. Of course, climate change allows humans to perish.

As it turns out, Jeff Bezos and Alon Musk, SpaceX founders argue that humans must have a plan and a backup star that can save themselves from extinction. Musk founded SpaceX on the grounds that he was frustrated with NASA, which was considered not to bring humans to Mars quickly, and that Bezos also founded Blue Source, which also had the same assumption. Is expected to start commercial flights next year.

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In response, cosmologist Martin Reese denied the idea that humans could survive extinction by leaving Earth. It is better for people to pay more attention to the climate on earth than to go to Mars.

Because, Mars is considered to have an environment that is unfriendly to humans in the absence of life, ambience, gravity limited, has little water supply. <-


Nick Bexted, director of the Open Philanthropy program, believes it will be difficult to create a human civilization on other planets, although he is happy if human civilization can evolve on other planets.

"It will be very difficult, very expensive, and it may take a long time, not in a few decades but it took several hundred years to be able to create an independent Mars colony to save humans," explained Baxstad.

Sorting, do you think Mars could be an option to save humans from global warming or not?

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