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The story of Klopp and Boxer & # 39; CR7 & # 39; in the 2018 Champions Final


Istanbul – Juergen Klopp is known as an eccentric manager and often does unique things. One of them is a story about the CR7 boxer ahead of the 2018 Champions League final.

The story came from the mouth of Liverpool farmer Gini Wijnaldum when asked about Klopp's unique habits. The story takes place a few hours before the final against Real Madrid in Kiev.

The Liverpool players are called in tense conditions because for most of these players it is their first final. It is natural to remember that the Reds have long been absent from inter-club competition in Europe.

Meanwhile, Klopp as the manager once appeared in the Champions League final with Borussia Dortmund in 2013. To dilute the mood a little rigidly before the final, Klopp tried to do something unique.

In the dressing room of Olympiyskiy stadium, Klopp was suddenly present in the middle of the player with only CR7 slates and boxers. As is well known, Cristiano Ronaldo has his own fashion brand called CR7 and it is more surprising that Ronaldo will be a contender for Liverpool in the final.

Klopp even put his shirt into the boxer and suddenly the atmosphere of the dressing room, which was tense, was only settled. The players laughed at the manager's behavior.

"You see him wearing boxer Cristiano Ronaldo," Wijnaldum said The Athletic one

"He came to the team meeting wearing CR7 boxers and they put his case. Everyone in the locker room burst into laughter. It really triggered the mood. Usually in such situations everyone was seriously and fully focused. But he was very relaxed and instead of doing. jokes, "he continued.

"He often made jokes. If you see the manager as confident and relaxed, it will affect the players. He becomes a father figure for the players. With jokes and body language, he releases the pressure of the players."

Unfortunately, Klopp's action did not bring Liverpool to win the Champions League as they lost 1-3 to Madrid, which was marked by two blondes Loris Karius. Liverpool then paid it off in the final last season by beating Tottenham Hotspur 2-0.

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