Monday , June 5 2023

Very Absurd, This Is How The Zombies Snail Catch Its Prey


Illustration of a disco zombie snail. (Twitter / minouye271) – One of the cruelest torments for a snail is a bath of salt. The appearance of this zombie snail would probably be sorry for it if you had previously pursued the beast with salt.

If salt is given to the snail, then the salt will remove water from the animal until they are exhausted to die from dehydration.

Not only can bad people torment snails, but there are other creatures that have similar bad qualities.

They are the parasitic worm Leucochloridium, animals that can turn ordinary snails into "disk zombies".

Uploading the Twitter account of Mike Inouye (@ minouye271), a biologist from the United States successfully went viral on Twitter.

Illustration of a disco zombie snail. (Twitter / minouye271)
Illustration of a disco zombie snail. (Twitter / minouye271)

Viral shares uploaded to Twitter after gaining more than 92,000 likes and 35,000 retweets.

As non-viral, the video watched more than 5 million times reveals an absurd animal called a zombie slug.

Right, you didn't read it wrong, the snail will act like a zombie and unconscious while walking.

Even the nerves in his eyes would go up and down like a nightclub as a result of the action of an evil worm.

Quoted from Wired, a biologist by the name of Tomasz Wesoowski from the Polish university Wrocaw has managed to reveal the phenomenon behind the zombie shell.

Illustration of the worm Leucochloridium_paradoxum. (Wikipedia / Auguste)
Illustration of the worm Leucochloridium paradoxum. (Wikipedia / Auguste)

In his research, Wesolowki revealed that the leucochloridium worm can handle its own host, the snail.

The parasitic worm attacks the eyes of a snail so that both eyes can palpably mimic caterpillars.

Indeed, the main purpose of worms is not to disturb snails, but to attract the attention of birds.

In biology, this is known as aggressive mimicry, organisms that pretend to be other prairies to attract prey or eat themselves.

Here is the explanation, parasitic worms enter the snail's body and then attack its eyes.

Then the worm controls the snail's mind so that the animal can walk in the open air.

When worms attack snail's eyes, they will create snail-like eye caterpillars.

A hungry bird will attract and draw the eye of a snail, which it thinks is a caterpillar.

The parasitic worm will live in the bird's womb for some time.

Leucochloridium will lay its eggs in bird waste to eat snails.

The poor sheep will eat it, so the cycle of torture to zombie slugs will continue.

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