Saturday , September 25 2021

A NASA scientist drops a guy on a dating app who asked if she was a receptionist World News

A planetary scientist who worked for NASA slandered a man in a dating app after asking her if she was "like, the receptionist?"

Dr. Lauren McKeown corresponded with a man named Mikey in Hinge, who left a comment on her profile, where she mentions that she worked for NASA.

"F *** I'm great," he wrote, "wait till I tell my parents."
Ticket: @mclaurenseries

Dr McKeown then invited him to start a conversation with her – an option within the app that lets users tell other people they are open to talking to them.

Once Mikey was invited to start the conversation, his opening line was: "So what are you, as the receptionist?"

He then continued his charming offense, saying "Jk" – which means "just kidding" or "joking", adding: "You look reasonably clever".

Sharing screenshots of the romantic exchange on Twitter, Dr. McKeown said, "And this, ladies and gentlemen, that's why I'm alone," with a faux emoji.

Dr McKeown was polite enough to respond.
Ticket: @mclaurenseries

"It's very wise at least to know that judging women's intelligence by its appearance may not be the best way to start a conversation.

"P.S. My mother is a receptionist in elementary school and is the wisest, most inspirational and kindest person I know. So, in fact, my PhD in planetary science is dedicated to her."

Whoever the Mikey mystery is, he didn't answer (we know).

The people at Ascension were not pleased with this unpleasant user and offered to pay for Dr. McKeown's next date.

They replied: "Yikes. Hinge has a zero tolerance policy for such behavior. We are on it. And while we are present, your next hiding date is with us. DM us! We hope you find someone worthy to remove a hinge because soon . "

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