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Mel B claims ex-Steven Belafonte "grabbed" her $ 140 million fortune

Mel B remained with $ 1400 and a case of clothing when she embarked on her second marriage last year.

The spice girl, who made $ 140 million, claims that Stefan Belafonte, former Steven Belfonte, took over her money.

In her new book, Mel, 43, also reveals comedian Eddie Murphy was the love of her life but she "threw spectacularly" after leaving him for several days to think about their relationship.

B Brutal straight Mel says: "In the past 20 years something in my life, I made more than 80 million pounds (140 million).

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"When I met my second husband (Steven), I had a house and a loft apartment in Los Angeles and a good career, and when I left him I went away with $ 936 ($ 1277 AU) at the bank."

Mel tells how her affair with Eddie, 57, ended when she returned to Leeds with their child.

He thought she had left him, but Mel insisted that she was always going to come back. She admits: "I was madly in love with Buddy and I lost him."

As for Stephan, who met Eddie, she adds: "Being an independent single, I became a woman who did not know her bank details, made decisions, and had no friendly relations with old friends.

"Stephen made me feel ugly … as if I were just a waste of space,

The truth behind Mel's last two relationships is so surprising that she is heartbreaking.

Spooky Spice now calls one of the men "monster" and the other "love of my life".

A decade-old marriage to Stefan Belafonte – ending last year – seemed perfect. The couple shared glamorous homes in Hollywood when her career flourished.

Earlier promoted with the comic legend, Eddie Murphy, was written meaninglessly, with unplanned pregnancy and controversial paternity.

But nothing could be farther from the truth.

Mel says wistfully: "Eddie was and still is the love of my life.

Only when they parted that Stephen had entered her life – and then confronted her with a decade of emotional and verbal abuse.

She says: "I became a woman who did not have a computer of her own, did not drive, did not know the details of her bank, made no decisions."

Mel made "more than £ 80 million ($ 14 million)." There was a ten-bedroom pile in the British city of Merlow, Exxonhamshire outside London, a Loft apartment in Los Angeles, and an impressive collection of art and furniture.

But when she left Steven last year she had "less than $ 1,000 ($ 1364)."

She says: "I went away with only $ 936 (1276 Australian dollars) in a bank account and suitcases full of clothes, books and toys, I did not care, I was happy, my children were happy.

Mel decided to reveal her soul in a new autobiography Brutal straight, Which being serialized by the British newspaper The sun.

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She reveals Eddie has asked her to marry him when their relationship suddenly deviates and spectacular the tracks. She says: "It's like a love story in which we both have different versions of why it's over."

Physically, Melanie Brown, as she was well known in Leeds school, is much smaller than the perception of "one gobby" always looming large in girls' spice videos.

There is something childish about her – a contagious enthusiasm that rises quickly on the surface of the water but is quickly dispersed when someone approaches it, she is not sure about it.

In front of the camera, she is dressed beautifully, dressed sharply. Unnamed: Outside of her, she's happy barefoot in a suit or what better. It is not "scary" at all. It is very open and open, very woman's woman.

Writing her warts The entire story of life ("so far") was a difficult but experiential experience, which she believes will draw a line under painful years.

She says, "Well, bad or ugly, I'm going to peel off the layers and say it as if you could judge me or you can try to understand me."

For our interview, she wears the help of women with "unbreakable" on it, a reminder of abuse suffered in her marriage to Belafonte, whom she calls "the monster".

She says, "I do not think that another woman could have survived this as I did, so I'm glad that the book will expose him to the next woman he's trying to woo, a bad and twisted man who is about to devour a woman's vulnerability, openness or happiness, "He said.

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Stephen, 43, met her in 2007. Mel recalls: "Eddie threw me in public, I just gave birth to our daughter Angel, and suddenly there was this man who found me pulling and said he wanted to watch over me.

Instead, over the next decade, he used, abused and destroyed her financially. "He made me feel ugly," she says.

"Like a waste of space, as if I were a mother, a whore, as if I were lucky to be married to him because no one else would accept garbage like me … So what would I do? An older woman or emotional abuse – do anything to prevent him from kicking.

"So you want to?" I would ask coolly. Anything that would stop it. I felt emotionally stricken, alienated from my family. I felt excited about the person who promised to love and protect me … a man who had a library of sex tapes that could ruin my career and destroy my family. "

To understand how she found herself in Belafonte, she had to be placed in the context of who had come before me: Eddie Murphy. They met at a dinner party – "It was as if an electric current of 2,000 volts passed between us."

The next day Edie invited her to his Hollywood estate, where she ran through the huge lobby, roaring: "I'm here, where are you?"

A worried teammate came out and said "Mr. Murphy does not like anyone who makes loud noises," but then the man himself banged back. "I think he's doing now," Mel said, chasing him laughing.

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She says: "From the beginning we were like two excited children."

Mel kept pushing Eddie's limits. He had a huge Jacuzzi that he never had, so she made him sit there naked. They had an English afternoon tea with Mel's daughter, Phoenix, then seven, and his children (who was then seven) at the Wendy House. She asked him to cook his breakfast, not his crew.

He was brilliant with Phoenix ("She adored him"), even reading her old school reports.

For the first six weeks, they just kissed and hugged each other. "Eddie is out of date," she says. "He kept telling me to slow down."

When the sex finally occurred, "It was like poetry, every contact, every kiss, every sense was out of this world, we were totally confused."

Two months later, her father and welder Martin flew over to meet the man whom his films loved, and Eddie asked him for his daughter's hand in marriage. "Dad said yes," Mel says. "It was a relief, because I had already planned a beautiful wedding ring from Cartier."

But Edie's living arrangements bothered her. His mother Lillian lived with him, and so did his elder brother Charlie, friends and staff.

Even holidays involved the crowd. In July 2006, she persuaded him to travel to Mexico on their own, "the first for Eddie and all those people who expected them to come too."

Weeks later, pregnancy testing was positive. She says: "He picked me up in the air, I do not care if I'm still waving the stick."

Soon after, she told the good news to Lillian, who answered: "Well, that's smart of you, is not it?" They planned to marry at Christmas, but decided to wait until after the birth. Melanie offered them to buy a house – 50/50 split – while retaining their other independence.

He refused and the lines began. One friend advised her to give him "quiet treatment." She says, "I said to Edie, I need a break for a few days, I need time to think." "Are you crazy?" He said. "What do you have to think about?"

She caught Phoenix and flew home to Leeds to see her mother Andrea. Edie called all the time but she did not answer. After a few days, she returned to "do it work".

But while she was on the plane, Eddie was asked about pregnancy by a television reporter.

He replied: "We are not together anymore, and I do not know who this boy is until he comes out and has a blood test." When Melanie landed at LAX with Phoenix, she ran into a lot of reporters.

She says: "I felt ill, humiliated and confused."

Eddie rang to say he was caught unprepared, and because she was not in touch, she did not know what to say.

She remembers: "I will not repeat what I said, but Eddie cut me … I called the last time. She told him she could not forgive him.

Mel remembered, "He said, 'Well, you left me.' He sounded cold, I explained no, and then I said, 'I'll have to leave you now, because that's what you did to me.'" I was pregnant. To look like a complete whore and a grime of gold, I was not ready for that tide of a grain that shattered over me, I still could not forget to be heavy pregnant with Angel and let Phoenix go to school a man who had once been yelling at a whore! Me before these mothers LA. "

Two years ago Lillian arrived at Melanie's door in Los Angeles and announced: "I would like to take my grandchildren to lunch."

Mel says: "It's funny that now his mom is in my life and she's like," You've always been my favorite "and I like," Oh, stop it Lillian. "Angel spends weekends with Eddie now, and she knows the The man she reminds me of is one of the greatest pleasures in my life. "

Eddie deals with the Australian model Paige Botcher, who is expecting his tenth child, but if he was single and said "let's try again", would she consider it?

"I do not know, I did not think about it," she says, a little unconvincing. "He is at another stage in his life, and so am I."

One of her tattoos says: "Until death, we will worship my heart." She pulls a face and says, "He had Stephen at first, but it's over for me.

"The piece of skin is in a jar in the house, I was about to burn it, I can just throw it into the bathroom."

However, it releases this unique throaty laugh. Fisty Spice back to the room.

This story first appeared on the sun and republished with permission.

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