Tuesday , January 19 2021

Nearly half of Irish drinkers consume high-risk alcohol

48% of Irish smokers consume alcohol at a level that puts their health at high or high risk, according to a new study.

The study of attitudes of the state and behaviors towards alcohol found that 24% of people consider it unlikely that they will have health problems in the future if they continue to drink at their current level.

21% of drinkers think they should reduce the amount of alcohol they drink, but 16% have already made small changes in their consumption.

The Drinkaware Index, conducted by Behavior & Attitudes, was performed by the World Health Organization's AUDIT-C screening tool and launched during the sixth week of the European Union on alcohol damage.

This shows that 44% of people who drink alcohol consume at least weekly basis, while 19% consumed more than 6 standard drinks each year in the past year.

Only 2% of people could correctly identify low-risk alcohol guidelines

23% of Irish adults do not drink alcohol, according to the study.

Nearly three quarters of people (74%) believe that excess drinking is "just part of Irish culture".

Speaking on the findings, Drinkaare CEO Sheyna Horgan said: "The Drinkaware Index is a landmark study that provides an updated critical picture of Ireland's drinking habits.

"Our data on national consumption levels confirm other studies such as the Ireland Health Survey, but with the World Health Organization's AUDIT-C screening tool, this study allowed us to dig deeper into the true root of the issue as to which segments of the population are at risk and the hard truth Is that nearly half of Irish adults who drink alcohol, drink at a level that may be dangerous to their health and well-being, and more, they know it.

We can now turn to these groups, specific information, resources and strategies that they can use to drink less alcohol and ultimately reduce the risk of experiencing related damages.

The Drinkaware index is a national-representative survey, which uses seven standard models to provide an overview of adult Irish behavior, attitudes and motifs towards drinking alcohol.

Low-risk HSE alcohol guidelines are 11 standard drinks (110 grams of pure alcohol) spread throughout the week for women and 17 standard drinks (170 grams of pure alcohol) for men.

Drinks are available at the Drinkaware.

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