Friday , January 22 2021

Results of broadband audit will be presented to the Cabinet

Stock Photo - PA
Stock Photo – PA

Kevin Doyle

A review of the bidding process for the National Broadband Program is expected to be presented to the government today.

The report, which is anxiously waiting in government circles, will make it clear whether the private meetings that former minister Dennis Noten, with businessman David McCourt, risked the process.

Mr. McCart is the only group leader left in the operation of the expensive contract to see the launch of broadband across rural Ireland.

The former minister insisted that the process was not harmed.

But Taoiseach Leo Varadkar instructed Peter Smyth to conduct an independent review.

"Iraish Independent" understands that his report was questioned last night by the Attorney General, with the aim of presenting it to the ministers this morning.

Mr Smith is to decide what the former minister's implications for the procurement process, if any.

Fianna Pail claimed that the process was "damaged".

The next steps in bringing broadband to a million people, in 540,000 homes and businesses, will be significantly affected by Mr. Smyth's report.

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