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East Preston's first blue board pays homage to Edith Ayrton and Israel Zangwill to mark the 100th anniversary of the women's choice

East Preston has its first blue board, conscious of the efforts of a married couple who have been lifelong warriors for the right to women's choice and world peace.

Edith Airton and Israel Zangwill were successful, publishing writers and some of their works were well written in the village.

Shirley Zangwill, on the left, with a member of the East Preston Council Elizabeth Linton in Farr. Photo: Kate Schmelt ks180574-3

Shirley Zangwill, on the left, with a member of the East Preston Council Elizabeth Linton in Farr. Photo: Kate Schmelt ks180574-3

The board was installed by the East Preston Village Council in Farr, in the Sea of ​​Lane, where Zangwills lived for many years.

Shirley Zangwill's daughter-in-law unveiled the blue sign on Saturday, and Irene Cochroft, a leading expert on British women's elections, attended the ceremony.

Shirley, who was married to his young son, Oliver, said: "I thank the Preston Council in East Preston for asking me to expose the blue board to honor Edith and Israel Zangwill.

"It was a wonderful event for me and I enjoyed every minute of it, to meet so many interesting and interesting people, what a wonderful day, thank you again."

Messages of good will were received from the granddaughters of Zangwillis, Caroline Zangwill and Patty Holland – a branch, living in America.

They wrote: "Iriton Israel, their eldest son, was our father, and all our families appreciate this significant honor and recognition of our grandparents' contribution to world peace, and continue to be a role model for my sisters and my children and my grandchildren."

Israel was born in London to a family of Jewish immigrants from the Russian Empire. The play "The Melting Pot", which depicts the lives of a Russian immigrant family, was produced in Broadway and became a familiar term.

The couple were enthusiastic supergardens and the Community Council said that the Blue Bowl exposure this year was especially special since 2018 marks 100 years since the People's Representation Act gave several women the right to vote for the first time.

Counselor Elizabeth Linton said: "The Council is very happy to be able to commemorate this wonderful couple on its first blue board, and this brilliant couple was known for its literary work and for their active idealism for a better world.

"We were particularly pleased to congratulate their daughter-in-law, Shirley, on making the exposure for us."

The guests are familiar with Rudy McLeod, a resident of East Preston, who remembers drinking tea with Edith Airton at the end of World War II, members of East Preston Society and Kingston Conservation and members of the local Jewish community.

Amy and Simon Comins, current owners of Peer End, said: "We were very pleased that the Criminals had contacted us about the possibility of getting the first blue board in the village.

"We are very proud of the history associated with our home and the historical significance of the early Supraz movement in our region."

Amelin Pankhurst, the leader of the British Superazist movement, believes that he remained at home at the height of the campaign.

On the blue board was written: "Edith Airton 1879-1945 and her husband Israel Zangwill 1864-1926 lived here from 1906 writers and campaigns for women's right to choose, a Jewish homeland and world peace"


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