Thursday , June 17 2021

Lieberman: Netanyahu's leader calls elections "in favor of economy" – Israel News, Ynetnews

The head of the Kolano party and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday that the right thing for Israel's citizens and the Israeli economy is to convene the elections as soon as possible.

Kahlon's remarks came one day after Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman resigned from his post on the ceasefire in Gaza and ordered the opening of the election season.

At their meeting, Kahlon told Netanyahu that the current political situation does not enable the necessary economic stability, and therefore the responsible factor is to form a new, strong and stable government. Kahlon stressed that he was ready to coordinate the move with the other coalition partners.

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Earlier in the day, Lieberman submitted his letter of resignation to Netanyahu, although he hopes to return to the government as an MK.

Foreign Minister Ayelet Shaked said that "if Netanyahu does not appoint party chairman Naftali Bennett, the defense minister, the party will leave the coalition.

Netanyahu is expected to speak with all coalition leaders on Thursday before the decision is made.

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