Wednesday , January 27 2021

The Little Drummer Girl Recap Episode 5

Photo: Jonathan Olley / AMC / Ink Factory

If it's a lesson to be learned from Charlie's overcrowded most successful time, that is to say: If you say lies, do it close to the most possible truth.

Until this moment, Charlie's spycraft came with training wheels. Even when she worked alone, she was under the protection of Israeli agents such as Becker and Rachel, who could take part whenever any danger arose. Now, Charlie is in a training camp in the Lebanon – and under Fatmeh's vigilant eye, who supposedly knew his own brother well enough to find out any differences in Charlie's fictional report about their love. So when Fatmeh takes care of Charlie for the last time, when she saw Salim, Charlie is pretty wise to click on her real memory about Salim naked and drogata on a bed. "Honestly … he was vulnerable and he could hardly move," she tells Fatmeh, a very precise statement that Fatmeh interprets as a timid euphemism for post-boyfriend happiness.

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