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Autumn 76 – Overview (In Progress)

The Fallout 76 has been surrounded by controversy since its announcement. Today we are going to see the lights and shadows of this atypical interaction of this saga.

Falling It has been surrounded by controversy even before the official announcement. The first rumors suggested a radical change in the franchise, and the original message, of an online video game only, did not claim that it was not. As time went on we discovered details and it turned out Falling Is, in general, a multiple online mode of mechanics and systems introduced with Falling. But this change and the problems in Beta released about 2 weeks ago have not been able to dispel the doubts of fans around the world.


Now, with a video game on the shelves, we all need to get our hands on the final product. We invested a good amount of hours on Falling And, even if we are far from completing the game in order to offer a complete review, there are some things that we understand about these 25 hours of play that we tell you at the beginning of this review of Falling.


Before starting to talk about the pros and cons of Falling I think there is a need to clarify something the same Bethesda It is not clarified before launch, but after these hours in contaminated areas it seems clear enough. Autumn 76 is a survival game. All you have to do is. Although it is based on the graphics engine and mechanics of the latest episodes of the series, more focused on GDR and exploration, Falling It is able to modify the registry important.

in fact, The Universe Fallout and the way the world has been defined in this chapter is especially suited to changing this gender. The absence of NPCs and the lack of players per server means that the feeling of the wilderness, of finding ourselves in a post-apocalyptic world, is really good. Also, any meeting with other players is really special, especially because you never know what will happen.


You can find people who just want to trade or do some cooperative work to make money, people join our team and help us unconditionally or people who just want to mess up and we end up colliding with each other. All this happens organically, without any preventive warning or planning of any kind. A real pleasure in the experience of Falling.

Yet, The evolutionary path leading to survival has some important elements lost in the street. The first and most important is the narrative cell. The immersive classic stories of the saga Fallout They are replaced, at least to the point where we arrived, by a series of Tasks Without too much material and some audio or text That tell us more details about the bodies we find in West Virginia. Obviously, since the game is about survival, it seems like a concession to make.

Another problem we find in research. And look, do not misunderstand me, Falling It relies heavily on searches to obtain resources, and it does so in a masterful way, and brings us into a very interactive, vast and interesting world. But, the fact that the game is completely online, forces Do not be rewarded for searches, as happened in other chapters, with very powerful weapons and equipment. This is, once again, an inevitable concession, since not doing so will lead players of the same level with huge differences in the combat system that is still based on statistics.

Gender change is not bad at all Falling And as we have said, the universe of this famous saga is perfectly suited for survival. The most serious and serious problems Falling We find them elsewhere, we find them in the technical sector. We must get our hands on the version of Playstation 4 That's about it PC, And both problems are similar.


In addition to the yield and the absence of certain definitions, Downfall 76 has a very big problem at the base, In the manner in which the game was developed and is full of the previous chapters. The fighting system never stood out in the modern fall. Crimson Falling Because New Vegas they had gunplay And sometimes even worse, compensated by the VAT system and the fact that direct combat was something optional in many points of the adventure.These games, which focused more on the GDR, allowed to deal with the situations in very different ways, even if you ended up always shooting, gunplay It was well disguised.

In case of Falling, We were faced with a game that gave more importance to shooting, decreased VAT status and invited the player to attack more easily, closer to the current FPS. gunplay Still showing problems despite changes made. But again, Falling Solve the problem by drawing the player's attention to the world and history. But now we come to the 76th Fallout, and this problem Bethesda has been dragged since 2008 and returns to the office again.

Falling I forget the narrative, the different ways of dealing with situations and all that disguises one gunplay Missing in the final episodes of the series. Now we are facing a hostile world, full of dangers and without the possibility of stopping the time (the new VAT system is self-voting in real time); It's not an option, it's constraints, it's the center of the game itself. And it's still light years from almost every shooter today.


But we do not find only this problem, even the world, another great hero Falling, Despite its reliance on aesthetics and the artistic sector 10, Leaving much to be desired regarding visual quality. Textures, templates, loading and loading loads and visual effects are far behind what is expected in A triple play in 2018. FallingIn this sense, it seems to be coming a few years late.

And I will not blame the graphics engine, which dealt with the technical department or anything else in my mind. I will not do it simply because I do not have the technical skills to do it. I do not know how the age of the graphics engine can affect, and even if a larger job would lead to better results from a technical point of view, rather than efforts (certainly many) that staff Bethesda Will adjust the engine on a variable line with constructions and explosions; But what I certainly know is that in the technical sector, Falling This is below average for triple A game of 2018.

These problems in the technical sector add problems arising from the performance and options of the game. Some falls of frames at certain times, problems with enemies disappear and reappear, AI that can be improved (although still discrete) are some of the problems we hope will be resolved in the short term. But the most worrying thing to date is the fact that, due to the impossibility of changing the field of view, the proximity of the weapon when we hold them and the strange blurry effect in the background, This can make players more susceptible to motion sickness and feel dizzy or nauseated just after playing minutes. If you belong to this group, eye to Falling.

We still have a long way to go The Appalachian, Before you can complete the game and offer a review with the final vote, but the first of the dozens of hours of play leave us with mixed feelings. On the one hand, The most positive thing about the 76 Fallout is undoubtedly no one as it fits well for survival by changing very little mechanics. The world is full of things to do, places to look for, places to get lost, always keeping the sense of loneliness and isolation of the genre. The interaction between the players was more successful than we expected, and in general, the gender change that took care so much was very successful.


But, on the negative side, we find it Fall 76 looks like a game a few years ago. The terrible gunplay Inherited from previous episodes, the quality visually leaves something to be desired and the absence of some basic options between the visual settings make it a very enjoyable experience and something is sometimes frustrating and it is impossible to play for certain margins of users. An unheard of thing for a study with a thickness of Play Alone Studios.

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