Saturday , April 1 2023

Benedetta Rinaldi excluded from Rai after fifteen years: "Unemployed and with a child"


Excluded from Rai programming after 15 years: Benedetta Rinaldi, former performer of One Morning, revealing, revealing all his pain and the difficulties faced by a situation that still does not understand.

For years the journalist was one of the pointed faces by Viale Mazzini, making successful programs like e.g. Summer Morning, Live Summer Life and In His Image. For good three seasons was at the direction of One Morning along with his colleague Franco Di Mare, but his name does not appear in the schedules for next season.

In fact, Rinaldi was replaced by Valentina Bisti and Roberto Poletti at the making of their show, however is not transferred, as Di Mare did instead. A situation he created so much bitterness in Benedetta, as she told herself in an interview in which, in lowercase words, she dared.

"It was a real shock – the 38-year-old confessed to the weekly new -. Now I am unemployed and depressed. I didn't have a long-term contract, for heaven's sake; but at least I wanted to get a call to be notified. Instead, nothing: I learned from the newspapers. "

Benedetta explained that she is having a hard time too she is now out of work and with a son, fortunately next to her is her husband, Emanuele, a Roman entrepreneur from whom he had little Edward.

"I do not know the reason for this decision – explained the journalist -. In the end, I was out of work, at home and with a child. Thank goodness my husband works. If I didn't have him, how would I go on? This bothers me. Taking off work means making a person lose dignity. I didn't ask for much, but at least I wanted to get a different treatment. They know nothing about me and my life, but it didn't cost me much and I brought results. "

Benedetta Rinaldi is not the only great one excluded from Rai programming. His own disappointment affected Adriana Volpe (who also listened to Instagram on the Magalli case) and Antonella Clerici.

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