Saturday , May 27 2023

Benevento, Vittoria Principe writes to Mastella about health and antismogical measures NTR24.TV


"It's not happening
one day that we are not recording the mayor's interventions on a temporary basis,
Clemente Mastella. Today's concerns about antismogical decorations,
translated, the blocking of circulation. The reasons sought now,
is the maintenance of health especially for children ”.
So on a famous note, Prince of the #AvantDonne association

Mayor – he adds – we separate from the chorus of protests
when health is okay, it's good to defend at all costs. but
we ask her, knowing we will not get an answer with water
contaminated as it behaves? Kids other than breathing yes
remember, drink and wash. And also over time she defends the
health of citizens, we remind you that they will arrive soon
commission two project proposals, for concession, planning,
construction and management of a Kremlin temple.

Mayor due to temporary Mastella – concludes Principe – does not deliver
all in a media campaign to demonstrate activity and interest
political in view of the upcoming election campaigns. Stop it
to think that people are doubted by these sayings. first
launches the anti-smog campaign, then evaluates the crematorium temple.
Benevento does not need a Cream Temple, but others
concreteness, remember the promises made during the election campaign and
you make at least one, otherwise it will go away if you can't keep it
as listed out loud ".

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