Sunday , January 17 2021

DICE reveals the next content

Battlefield V It was published yesterday and DAY Take the opportunity to take the situation regarding the content in the coming weeks (from December 4) and in the first months of 2019.

From December 4 a new War History will be available, authorized Last Tiger and focused in tanks. Also, the same week will also come the chance to experience some of the events of Chapter 1: Prelude, in the form of the mini campaign Winds military. Attacks Lamp will arrive in January, followed in March by The Fire Proof, the third month of the year will also mark the debut of the expected regime Battle Royale Firestorm.

DAY Thanks to the players who have welcomed the Battlefield V in an extremely hot, the study has now become not only solving the community's technical problems, but also giving life to new content that will enrich the project. Field of battle 5.

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