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LIVE Germany, Netherlands, direct result in real time: Depay opportunity

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Germany – The Netherlands. Click here to update in real time in real time.

Corner 82 for Germany: The Cross towards Rudiger was removed from the Orange Garden.
– Opportunity for Germany: Schulz tried to shoot a right-hand man, but his shot was diverted to the corner of Tata
80 – Replacement for Germani: Ece Sané, enters Goretzka
79 '- Corner for the Netherlands: Judge Sorek for an offense
78 – Dangerous Netherlands: Deepey after a personal action tried to overcome Neuer with a shot shot foot on near near, but the German goalkeeper is tilted into a corner
A free kick to the Netherlands on the German chariot: Deepey's cross was again rejected by the German defense
72 – An opportunity for Germany: Miller served in the center of San, because a few steps from Cillessen was not able to kick towards the door because of the closure of de Jong
A dangerous cross of Schultz: the ball passed the area dangerously
Kimwich He warned
– I change to Germany too: Miller goes into Ganbury's house
Exchanges of the Netherlands: Dilroson leaves (wounded), enters De Jong
64 For Germany: Werner goes out, Rouse in his place
63 & # 39; – Opportunity for Germany: Werner's Cillessen tried to get hold of the rebound and tucked the ball into the empty net, but the shot went just wide.
Penalty for the Netherlands: The Deepie Cross was removed by the German defense
62 '- Yellow card for Rudiger
A cross on the first fly by Homeless who served Noir in his chest
60 – Replacement for the Netherlands: Wjnaldum leaves, Wilhena enters
An excellent closure of the sola on the divi at the edge of the area
56 – Froms, who arrived in the upper left corner of the area, tried with a shot that Noir blocked without problems
Holland free kick on the German chariot: The cross at the center of Deepey was rejected by the fists of a neuron
52 – Yellow card crash. The offense was carried out on Depie
49 minutes into the match, Kroos tried a shot from the left, but the ball glanced harmlessly off the crossbar
Germany – Germany took the lead. Werner were trying to draw from another opponent, but Cillessen blocked the ball
"Start again! Holland will start in the second half

Germany-Netherlands 2-0. The first part of the game ends with the Loew team thanks to the networks accumulated by Werner and Sané.

47 – The referee whistles the end of the first half: Germany-Netherlands 2-0
– There will be 2 minutes of recovery
45. – Change for the Netherlands: Babel leaves, replaced by Dilroson
Physical problems in Babylon. Actor Orange stands on the ground
40 – Opportunity for Germany: Ganbari, sent by Schultz, tried to write a title that had just finished the right post
Penalty for Germany on the Dutch chariot: The cross to one hundred kroner was removed from Babylon
37 '- Yellow card for Wjnaldum. The conspiracy made a foul on Kimmeth.
37 – Conclusion From the border of Sané surrounded by the defense of Orange &
34 – Corner for Holland: There is no danger to German defense
Holland free kick on Germany's chariot: The cross of the Divi was removed by the German defense
Nabri tried a shot from a distance, but Silesen blocked the ball without problems
Kickoff Germany: Cross's cross is postponed
29 – Second corner of the Netherlands: The cross on the first announcement was rejected by the title of the Kaher
27 – Sané tried to serve Schultz with a deep pass, but the ball ended directly on the bottom
Deepey tried to serve a middle mate, but his cross was rejected by the German bodyguard
20 & # 39; Goool! Germany multiplies with Sneh. The German preliminaries overcame Silesen with a shot (inverted) found in the lower right corner. Germany-Netherlands 2-0
19 – Holland turns the ball in search of a gap, but Germany holds the field well
15 – Deepey's free kick was surrounded by the German wall
Free kick from the fringes of the region for the Netherlands:
14 – Homeless gets a yellow card
A corner of Orange Protecting Germany has removed the danger
Penalty for the Netherlands on the German chariot: The cross on the first post of Deepey was diverted to the corner of the Sola
Vinaldome took advantage of a shot from the edge of the area, but the ball was surrounded by the back of Germany
9 & # 39; – Goool! Germany took the lead with Werner. The German striker took Silesen with a shot out of the box tied to the lower left corner. Germany-Holland 1-0
7 – Kroos tried to Sané with a move to depth, but De Raven understood everything and shot the ball
The first corner kick of Germany: Cross's cross was rejected by the Orange Shield
Rhythmic rhythm in the first minutes of the game
1 – Germany moved ahead with Kehrer: The German player tried to shrug them off, but the shot glanced harmlessly off the crossbar.
we are beginning! The referee hit Germany-Netherlands. The first maintenance will be for Loew's team

20: 40 – Field teams
The race manager will be the fry

19: 45 Official training in Germany (3-4-3): Neuer; Rudiger, Homeless, Sola; Kehrer, Kroos, Kimmich, Schulz; Genabri, Werner, Sneh.
19: 45 Official training Netherlands (4.3.3): Cillessen; Tata, van Dyck, de Liget, blind; F. De Jong, Wijnaldum, De Roon; Promes, Deepai, Babylon.

16: 45 Welcome to friends SuperNews Into the direct text of Germany and the Netherlands

Tonight, at 8.45 pm, the Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen will be staged Germany and the Netherlands, A valid match for Day 4 of Group 1 of the League of Nations League. Currently the ranking sees: France first with 7 points, Netherlands The second one, and finally Germany The third with one point. After the disappointing World Cup in Russia, Libya's team was forced to swallow another bitter bite. Neuer and the team, in fact, following the victory achieved by Holland against France, he was pushed mathematically into the league of the United Nations. Despite this, the Germans will try to win their first win in the evening competition, even if it will not be easy because they will face Netherlands Cruel, fighting for entitlement to the Final Four. Orange, in fact, if they could win would jump at the top of Group 1 and would enter the final stage of the League of Nations. On the first leg, Eleven Koeman's easily passed the German team with a 3-0 dry. In the last 10 previous, Netherlands Won 4 wins, against 2 of Germany. Four, however, games were ended in a tie.

Germany-Holland, reasonable configurations

Germany (3-4-3): Neuer; Guenter, Homels, Sol; Kehrer, Kroos, Kimmich, Schulz; Genabri, Werner, Sneh. C.T. Liwa

Netherlands (4.3.3): Cillessen; Dumfries, Van Dijk, de Liget, blind; F. De Jong, Wijnaldum, De Roon; Bergwein, Deepai, Babylon. C.T. Koeman.

judge: The Azean (Romania)

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