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Market indices and spreads on November 19, 2018

22.02 – Closing of walls in a wall

Closes in a negative territory for Wall Street. The Dow Jones shed 1.56% to 25,012.02 points, the NASDAQ sells 3.03% to 7,028.48 points, while the S & P 500 shed 1.66% on the ground at 2,690.80 points.

19.11 – Facebook LOSES 5.82%

Facebook is sinking to its lowest level since February 2017. Social media stocks are down sharply on Wall Street, losing 5.82% following the latest episodes of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal on Mark Zuckerberg. But this is all declining technology sector. Apple is losing 3.77%, weighed by rumors from Wall Street Journal about cutting production orders to meet the weakness of demand for the iPhone. Amazon loses 4.76% and Netflix 5.06%. These were offset by the boom of last year when the technology sector was the one with the best performance in the S & P 500. The American price list also weighed the failure of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, which for the first time nearly 30 years ended without a joint announcement because of the war Trade between the US and China.

19.11 – DOW JONES A -1.59%

Wall Street is approaching negative territory by Facebook, which is moving at 5.70%. The Dow Jones industrial average shed 1.59% to 25,009.84 points, while Nasdaq fell 2.63% to 7,058.33 points, while the S & P 500 shed 1.58% on the ground at 2.993.13 points.


Wall Street is falling sharply with Apple and Facebook, which drown the technology sector. The Dow Jones industrial average lost 1.16% to 25.117.26 points, the Nasdaq lost 2.17% to 7,090.58 points, while the S & P 500 left 1.21% on the ground, and Facebook lost 4.71%.

17.42 – MILAN CLOSES DOWN to 0.29%

Piazza Apari closes. The Ftse Mib index gained 0.29% to 18.823 points.

17.25 – SPREAD at 321 points

The gap between the BTP and the Bund continues to rise. The difference exceeds 320 basis points (321) and the 10-year bond rate is 3.58%.

17.18 – Apple improves losses in the wall: -3.27%

Apple highlights losses on Wall Street, where it yields 3.27%. According to the Wall Street Journal, the demand for the new weak iPhone Apple was cutting the production of three iPhone models.

16.30 – AC Milan fired a third

The stock exchange of Milan becomes negative with Mt Ftse which yields 0.1%. Piazza Affari, according to other listings on the old continent, is affected by Wall Street's downward trend. And in the background the political confrontation between the government and the EU over maneuvering. The spread between the BTP and the Bund increased by 318 basis points with the Italian yield to 10.54%. Mediobanca (-3.8%), Banca Mediolanum (-1.9%), Terna (-1.8%), Recordati (-1.6%) and Tenaris (-2.4%) are falling with Piazza Affari. Lucotica (-1.7%) and I (-0.9%) were poor. (3.8%), after the appointment of Luigi Gubitosi as CEO and the most prominent prospect of the spin-off of the network.Also well banks with Carige (+ 11%), Banco Bpm (+ 3%), And Ubi (+ 2%).

16.20 – Wall Street

Wall Street is getting worse. The Dow Jones lost 0.92% to 25,177.42 points, the NASDAQ fell 1.80% to 7.17.97 points, while the S & P 500 shed 0.90% on the ground at 2,711.39 points.

15.59 – The split is accelerated and feels at 315 points

The gap between the BTP and the Bund accelerates the pace and rises to 315 basis points on the Bloomberg screens, with a 10-year bond yield rising to 3.33%.

3.40 PM – Wall Street Opens DJ DJ – 0.1%, Nasdaq -0.34%

Opening a negative area for Wall Street. The Dow Jones lost 0.15% to 25.375.84 points, the Nasdaq fell 0.34% to 7.22.55 points, while the S & P 500 shed 0.21% on the ground at 2.730. 98 points.

15.06 – BTP Italy RILENTO: 366 million abbreviated seats are surrounded

Did not trample to sign the fourteenth BTP Italy, whose location began today November 19. In the middle of the IPO subscriptions to inflation linked to inflation with a duration of four years is still 366 million euros. The issue will continue until Wednesday for small investors, while on Thursday it will be offered to institutional investors. According to the Finance Ministry, Btp Italia is "closely linked to Italian inflation, which was designed primarily for the needs of the retail market" as it "provides the investor protection against the rise in Italian prices, with coupons offering a guaranteed minimum real annual rate of 1.45% To be lower than the guaranteed minimum rate.The latest BTP Italy was placed last May, with a margin of 160 basis points, raising over 7.5 billion euros, of which 4 billion euros from retail.

13.13 – Piazza Apari Fiata

Piazza Affari comes in mid-day close to parity (Ftse Mib + 0.1%), significantly in line with Europe, after starting a more positive session: always good Banco Bpm and Tim increase of over 3% also strong Ubi (+ 2.3% Ferragamo yields more than three percentage points. Some acquisitions also on Intesa and Unicredit, which grew by 1%, two points lower than Saipem and Tenaris, while Mediobanca lost 3.8% due to the expectation of severance of dividends. The "small" headlines of Cariga (11%) and Estaldi (-15%) are very volatile.

Tim Ben after Govitussi

Tim is approaching a half-day buoy at Piazza Affari after Luigi's appointment as Gubitosi as general manager and general manager: the title, especially positive from the beginning, 3.5% At 0.543 euros after a maximum session at 0.555. Good but not unusual: At present 70 million shares have changed hands, compared to 93 million a day on Friday.

11.53 – Slowly

Piazza Affari continues first Session Of a positive week, but diminishing Growth is consistent with other European exchanges: the Ftse Mib index rises by 0.6% while other markets of the old continent are waving around parity. In Paris (Cac + 0.1%) Renault expands losses and drops by 7% after Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi Motors President Carlos Gosn, Japan On charges of violating financial regulations. In Piazza Affari the distribution of the dividend account of Banca Mediolanum, Recordati, Tenaris and Terna and above all Mediobanca, which loses more than 3% to 7.5 euros, weighs down. The curry oscillated (+ 11% to 0.0019 Euro) rose again, up 3.5% Tim, stopped at the auction Estaldi downward volatility.

10:30 – Milan

European stock prices rose cautiously at the beginning of the day, supported by the recovery of the price of Fat On the possibility thatOfek Decide on a larger production cutting: London 0.4% salt, Paris 0.7% e Frankfurt Half a percentage point. Milan, On Italian government bonds experiencing a moderation in tension, is the best stock exchange for this week, with the Mt Ftse rising by 1.2%. In the Piazza Affari, Tim has accelerated (+ 4% to € 0.55 after the appointment of a new CEO), followed by UBI (+ 3.9%) and Banco Bpm (+ 3.5%). , 11%, Mediubanca still weak, down 2.3%, with Salvatore Ferragamo down by two and a half points, Estaldi returns (9%) after Friday's race, while Sallini Impergilo, who offered a non-binding offer on the construction group, -2.8% close to two euros.

09.45 – square business continues to watch

The first exchange confirm the positive start of Piazza Affari: The Ftse Mib index uses the low voltage at the beginning of the electronic market on Italy's government bonds, rising by 0.8 percent, with Tim growing 2.5 percent after Govitussi's appointment as CEO, Among the banks buying UBI (+ 1.8%) and Mps (+ 1.6%), Banca Mediolanum fell by 1.6% and Medibanka fell by 3% Among the major deals, but not exceptional, Pragamo is also weak (-3.5%), while Banca Carige is among the smallest stocks with an 11% rise, as always volatile.

09.20 – Positive TIM after gavitosis

First Trading Up Tim Following the appointment of Luigi Govitossi as general manager and general manager: The initial share rose 2% to € 0.53.

Business growth

Positive start for vista Piazza Affari: Ftse Mib first index shows 0.5% growth, Ftse All-Share increased by 0.34%.

Distribution of Kilo

spread between BTP and The Bund Opened slightly lower to 308 points compared to 312 of the closing on Friday. The yield on the 10-year Italian bond was 3.46%.

08.37 – Closure of Asia in a positive way

First week for stock markets Asia And an area of Pacific After the October recovery of Japanese exports and the barometer of commercial tension between China and United States Because at these times, according to operators of funds, it will be improved. Tokyo Finished the day at a rate of 0.6%, with Shanghai An increase of 0.9%, while Hong Kong ends half a percentage point positive. Seoul's overall index rose by 0.3 percent, while Kozdec, which includes high-tech shares, was 1.7 percent. Some sales in the last session in Singapore with Sydney, where some registered shares that can predict the beginning of their sectors in Europe, which closed at 0.6%.

06.15 – Good Japanese exports

Renewal of demand The car The United States is contributing to recoveryJapanese exports Compared with the previous month, when the country was forced to deal with a host of natural disasters, including the closure of Osaka airport and the earthquake 7 earthquake on the island of Hokkaido. According to the Japanese Ministry of Finance, in October exports increased by 8.2%, compared with a contraction of 1.3% in September.

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