Thursday , February 9 2023

New government, consultations are underway today. The M5s: "Compact around Di Maio". The House freezes the vote on the cut of the parliamentarians


Crisis of government, this morning in the Chamber took place the meeting of the chiefs with the agenda "communications of President Roberto Fico". The President of the House took note of the crisis, in fact freezing the legislative activity as already established on August 13. The law on the cutting of parliamentarians is frozen.


Crisis of government, the resignation of Conte: "The government ends here, Salvini has pursued personal and party interests." Then go up to the Quirinale

Regarding the paved divisions within the movement, Francesco D'Uva and Stefano Patuanelli, M5S head of the House and Senate, stated in a note "to be united and compact around the political leader Luigi Di Maio". "We are a monolith," they say.


In-depth study

Conte is relaunching, but he is already thinking about the M5S candidate vote

The consultations of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella begin today at 16. Starting at 4pm at Colle, the Senate Presidents, Elisabetta Casellati, and the Roberto Fico Chamber (4:45 pm) should rise, soon afterwards, it will touch on the Senate Autonomous Group (5:30 pm), on the Senate Mixed Group ( 6 pm), followed by the Mixed Chamber group (6:30 pm), and Free Equal Chamber (7 pm).


Crisis, Salvini tries to reopen and withdraws the motion of distrust. But Conte lo gela: "Just turn around"

President emeritus Giorgio Napolitano, who is not in Rome, will be consulted by telephone. Tomorrow, from 10 o'clock, it will hit the big ones instead: the parliamentary delegations of Brothers of Italy, Pd, Forza Italia will march in order; in the afternoon, from 4 pm, it will play Lega and Cinquestelle instead. These tight times indicate the urgency of the President of the Republic.

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