Thursday , October 28 2021

Pastore paid 1.80 euros, one arrest – Last Hour


(ANSA) – BARI, AUGUST 17 – He would have been using a 24-year-old child for months
Bengal made him work "black" 11 hours a day as
priest for a price of 1.80 euros per hour. For the
offenses of labor exploitation and aiding and abetting
of illegal immigration, like many others
violations, the Carabinieri arrested in flagrant crime, with the
granting of house arrest, sentenced to 46 years, possession of
agricultural and sheep breeding company in Casamassima
(Bari). At the same time, penalties were high
administrative and fines for almost 60 thousand euros and ordered the
suspension of production activity.

The military noted that the priest was taking care of the
Breastfeeding, cleaning and grazing, worked from dawn until
sunset for 1.80 euros an hour, which he sent to his wife and children inside
Country of origin, and was not paid for two months. The flare,
without residence and no fixed accommodation, he lived
one container and the toilets used the same well
used by animals for drinking.