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Schumacher is still excited. But the 2013 "unpublished" interview online for a while

Michael Schumacher, 49 years.

Michael Schumacher, 49 years.

There is a maximum reservation on Michael Schumacher's current conditions, but his name is always exciting. Today the news that the official website of the fanatics Germans reported as an unprecedented video interview to the champion, who returns until October 30, 2013, has spread through the website's experiences. The images make the memory of the seven times world champion. of F.1, a little more than a month after its fiftieth birthday (which takes place on January 3).

the most beautiful victory – –
Schumacher in the video answers the questions of the fans. Regarding the victories and his favorite rival, he says: "The most exciting championship was the one that won in Suzuka in 2000 with Ferrari. The Cavallino did not win the title for 21 years and I did not triumph for four. championship, great championship ". Then Mika Hakkinen was hard to give him the "rival I was most respected in his career, both for the great battles on the track and for a very solid relationship, when the helmets were removed."

the idols – –
Schumi was a sports man at 360 degrees and shows it when he speaks of her idols: "When I was a little on the track, Ayrton Senna or Vincenzo Sospiri, I admired them. My idol was Harald & # 39; Toni & # 39 , Schumacher because he was a great player. His quasi-homon was actually the goalkeeper of Western Germany's national football team.

the comparison – –
In the Schumacher interview, it compares between its Formula 1 and 2013's: "The F1 is very difficult, although before it was far beyond the powerful limits, the assisted administration and various electronic aid. Because it remains one of the most difficult sports, which can be and require a great physical preparation ". The pilot then reveals some of his secrets: "The key to the success is always wanting to improve. I always thought I was not very good as a driver, I think it was a key to making what I was doing. An important thing in a motorcycle, but you have to know how to cultivate and develop it. The results come if everyone works well in the same direction. Only one can do until a certain point, a team will always be stronger. And F1 is a team work. "


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