Wednesday , June 16 2021

Stop gas on next year too

After the debate on television The hypocrites With reference to gas meters continued to run even in the absence of actual consumption, and finally comes good news for Italians consumers. As already happens at least from March I Banknotes Of electricity, starting next January 1, 2019 The so-called Short prescription Will also be extended to gas supply [VIDEO]. As a result, Italian consumers will no longer have to worry that their astronomical bills will be transferred to their homes and will be treated with calculated consumption five years Back to. The prescription, in fact, will be reduced only two years.

It was established by Arera Decision, Authority for Regulatory Energy, Networks and Environments.

What changes with new prescription conditions

As stated above, the limitation of the limitation period has been reduced from five to two years, for the electricity market already in place Budget Law. Now Arra would have done nothing but extend the orders to the gas market. From January next, in practice, in case they occur Relevant delays In the billing of consumption attributed to the negligence of the supplier or even distributor (two characters often in fact They do not overlap), The final consumer customer can claim the annual prescription and pay solely for the related consumptionIn the last two years.

The new liabilities of the suppliers

Moreover, Arre Decision notes that the companies that supply gas will Two types of debts Towards their customers.

First, they must allow the customer – the consumer to exercise his right To load the prescription. This right should be effective by sending it to the customer Two bills different. One containing the amounts to be paid up to two years earlier, and an additional invoice which should contain the sum of the amounts determined that they relate to More than two years ago.

Additional commitment of supplier companies [VIDEO], Closely related to the previous, it is related to the preparation of a Exact model or format That customers will have to fill in to communicate to the company their willingness to exercise the right to set the amounts over two years. These instructions, as the newspaper notes Eyal Sola Included in Decision No. 569/2018 / R / com Available on the Authority's own website.

The Adiconsum, the Consumer Protection Association, issued a press release protesting Arrera's decision.

In this way, the association noted, the word is determined end For the practice that weighed on the budgets of millions of Italian families. But the good news was not over. In fact, as always highlights Eyal Sole24 Ore, M March The new rules on the annual prescription of bills will also apply to water consumption. In this way, achieving uniformity.

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