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Torino, Mayor Efendino: "There are no symbols of the municipality in the procession." M5s broke

"I do not believe today to involve institutional symbols in the expression of 8/12 which by their very nature represents the sensitivity of an entire community." Mayor Chiara Efendino said this about the hypothesis that a parade not the city of Turin presents itself with its banner. Effendino points out his choice and his distance, after a member of the city of Femiastlato, Damiano Carreto on Facebook, wrote that the city "certainly" would have officially participated in the event, scheduled for December 8 in the same square given to "Yes Tov" on Saturday 10 November. But the mayor's words spread the controversy within the M5: A few minutes pass and come to the dry reply of the city council president, Pantestlato Fabio Versace: "I am amazed by the mayor's choice and I do not agree with the city's non-participation in an event of 8 In December that the city in the previous two years has always participated. A question of consistency, in short, regardless, understandable, from the strong signal came from the city with tens of thousands of people at the event in favor Lyon Lyon.

Soon after the group leader Valentina Seganga, trying to extinguish the flames, while maintaining firm on the position of his group: "Be not Tav – he says – is not a taboo of the institutions.M5S is an open democratic body in which we discussed positions and in the coming days we will reach, And members of the Council, for a proper synthesis that we can all know about ourselves. " The leader of the group recalled that in December of 2016 the Red Room had indicated "a proposal concerning the departure from the train station of Turin-Lyon, and this democratic expression provides the official participation of the city in the anti-fifteenth demonstrations: a situation that has already taken place, with the participation of the deputy mayor of Montanari with the tricolor band."

Deputy mayor who says republic: "I will be on the square next to not select on December 8, if I have no other commitments .. The banner must be there?

Seganga also emphasizes that "the city of Turin run by the M5S has never made a taboo of its position, thus claiming an implied spirit of transparency and intellectual honesty towards citizens who in this sense are free to judge our work without tactics." For this reason, he announces, "the M5S Council Group believes that it will not change its position today because of the pro-tab events of November 10."

Mayor Efendino intervened significantly to refute Damiano Carreto, a member of the M5S city council, who comment on a Facebook post – in which appears a poster dedicated by the cartoonist Zerocalcare to the initiative of the movement opposed Lyon Lyon – writes: "The municipality of Turin

La Mole and I did not Tav, Zerocalcare's manifesto for December 8 March

"The city – continues the role of Carreto – participates in events not TAV in relation to the specific election program and acts voted by the city council.Top representatives of the city with the band together with mayors of the Valley of Sosa and other cities (Venaria and Pinerolo for example). The comments are included in the responses of Carretto to the "questions" of an Internet user who joined the "Yes Torino Goes Forward" group, inspired by the seven women who called for the demonstration on November 10.

"The movement of the stars 5 – writes Karato – does not go to demonstrations with the flags, whether it is a May 1 parade or the NUTB parade, and parade no. He is not a party: security measures – he also noted a member of the council – I am responsible for the governor and the commissioner, certainly not the mayor. "

"The hypothesis of the Torino flag, which is in the Nov-Tevet event of December 8, will be rejected by all the political forces: first of all, this should be the mayor of Chiara," said Torino's deputy and member of the city council of Forza Italia, Oswaldo Napoli. Efendino (who intervenes a little later, Ed) in order to deny the municipality's involvement in the matter. "

"There is no reason to humiliate the city of Turin by bringing the flag to the procession that will not be brought on December 8. The poster is a sign that unites and does not divide," the spokesman for the Senate and Senate regional groups, Lt. Col. Jorge Molla, said. The city and not a part of it: Among those discovered, among others, are people who deliberately do not recognize the authority of the state and attack its servants even at the risk of killing them. "

On this stormy day for 5 stars Mopvento, the developers of the event will be held on Saturday November 10: a few hours ago they presented their manifesto in seven points to support the work.

On the front, TB, on the other hand, has another attempt to attack the construction site of Kyomonte, in Val-Suza, which ended in 15 complaints.

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