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World Diabetes Day: Celebrations in Nutula

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Anniversary with a series of initiatives. This year the celebration of GMD18 is dedicated "The involvement of diabetes (DM) in the family".

The significant increase of diabetes in the world is doing "tsunami and diabetes"

The ADIVASE promotes an event scheduled for Thursday, 15 November at 15:30 in the auditorium of the Hospital Hospital, Nottola, at the request of the medical director, Dr. Rosa La Manetia, Dr. Gannie, and Banny Notary and Dot. Andrea Marcocchi of the Diabetes Clinic will present the family involvement of people with diabetes. Participants will be pediatricians from Notola Hospital and his country clinic to introduce a new pediatric clinic dedicated to minors carrying type 1 diabetes. Certain contributions of interest will be made by several ADIVASE members who will testify to the involvement of the family disease.

ADIVASE collaborated with USL Southwestern and the Valdichiana I Chiari Lions Club, which was always close to the association.

World Diabetes Day Program, 15-11-2018:

15.30 Director of the Hospital of Nutola Hospital Hospital
Dr. Rose La Mantilla
Greeting President of the "Alfredo Cupelli" Diabetes Association
Mr. Marco Sonini
Greeting Club President Vladisław Jana Lions "I Chiari"
Mr. Pasquale Sefcia

Introduction to World Diabetes.
Dr. Luigi Abate
16.20 Lifestyle as a tool for prevention and treatment
Diabetes mellitus. Dr. Andrea Marcocchi
16.40 Role of the family in the joint management of diabetes mellitus.
Dr. Gannie and Bunny are not
17.00 Pediatric Outpatient Presentation of DM T1 and Patient
The role of the family in preventing DM
Obesity in children. Dr. Katrina Rango
17.30 Real life: family experiences and the role of organizations of

Diabetes includes any family. This is the theme of World Diabetes Day 2018 and 2019 (the biennial), which focuses attention on the impact that diagnostic and management of diabetes has on every single family; Whether it is a child, a future mother, a spouse or a woman or a parent, life changes and we need – all – to develop continuous strategies to live together, day by day. It is estimated that in the world, 1 out of 11 people living with diabetes, there are over 400 million people suffering from it and the trend is growing but although diabetes remains a little known pathology, sometimes underestimated, sometimes prey to "fake news" Eat less, then treatment may be late.Nothing can be more fake.

World Diabetes Day 2018 (GDM2018), celebrated annually on November 14 (the date of the birth of Frederick Banting, the insulin researcher with Charles Best in 1922), also wants to raise awareness among institutions to work towards providing support and support not Only for the single patient but for the entire family that revolves around the issue with diabetes. Countless initiatives in more than 500 cities throughout Italy.

World Diabetes Day, established in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation (WHO) and the World Health Organization, is organized in our country by Diabete Italia, with sponsorship of the Italian Association of Podologi AIP, SIA Italian Association of Anestrology, SIdP Italian Society of Pediatrics and Implantology, Arterial blood, urban hospitals of Asopram, IAPB Italy International Blind Prevention Agency, Connie, the Red Cross and the National Association of Italian Municipalities in collaboration with Rai Media Partnership – Social Responsibility.

Diabetes management involves the whole family
"In 2018 – explains the president of Diabetes Italy – the subject is the family: diabetes is a disease that can also be very disruptive and all family members must be involved in the prevention and management of diabetes 80% of type 2 diabetes, a chronic disease that affects regardless of sex and age, More mature and its rate increases with age, can be prevented with the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, unlike type 1 diabetes, which can not be predicted as an autoimmune disease Good eating habits and proper exercise, when the family role is essential to them, are absolutely necessary in all types of diabetes " . Even the practical management of a person with diabetes involves the whole family. "We think of children with type 1 diabetes, perhaps a few months or school age or during adolescence, a difficult period in which type 1 diabetes is added – continues to Suraci – or a pregnant woman discovers that she has gestational diabetes, but also for seniors take for visits and tests .
Diabetes – especially if controlled well – brings with it other diseases: obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diseases of sexuality and urine, give examples and long-term complications (retinopathy, nephropathy, diabetic foot etc), as they Work quietly for years, without giving any symptoms. In this case as well, the role of caregivers and family members is vital to the adherence of a person with diabetes to their established therapeutic program with the physician and recommended controls.

# GDM2018: Between 5 and 18 November, over a thousand initiatives on the ground
For GMD2018, between 5 and 18 November 2018 there will be at least a thousand throughout Italy the initiatives related to knowledge and prevention of disease.
500 cities of Italy will be involved in thousands of activities. In the squares, meals and meals organized by the volunteers, it will be possible to assess the risk of developing diabetes in the next few years by filling out a simple questionnaire and receiving suggestions, practical advice and informative material dedicated to the prevention and management of diabetes.
In addition, many diabetology services (check your!) And general clinics (GP) clinics will be available to filter for those at risk and they will do more than 200 member pharmacies of Assuram. In many cities, even a free visit with podists associated with AIP will be guaranteed.

Sensitization and information sessions, events and programs
In addition, awareness and information sessions will be held in various local offices and services for children with diabetes will be active. On the local level there will be many side events: press conferences, conferences, public discussions, meetings with local authorities, performances and as elsewhere in the world, blue lighting of many monuments; Great place for walking prevention, and other sports activities. By the way, take a look at the photo contest, you can participate until November 30, the deadline for delivery of images.

Appointments are also in pharmacies
"The pharmacies are operating in the field," says Vantzio Gizi, president of Asopram, whose mission is also to carry out prevention and assistance activities for the population, in order to ensure the effective treatment of patients, in close cooperation with basic doctors and experts with organized networking. , Again, that the precious role of the pharmacist is essential to ensure the best processes of care for the needy.
All information about the day can be found on the traditional website and facebook

Diabetes is not only a human disease, but it also affects animals
The effect of diabetes on our four-legged friends is considerable: it is estimated to be around 1 in 100 cats and dogs.
"Traditionally – explains Marco Melosi, president of ANMVI – adults and elderly animals, often overweight, patients due to sterilization.The dog is almost completely affected by type 1 diabetes and infected females are twice as likely to be infected with cats. The relationship between obesity and the onset of the disease has been clearly demonstrated, but, just as it happens with men, for whom the prevention and treatment performed properly under the guidance of the vet, can ensure the animal is almost normal life.Then we should pay attention Close to what are the typical symptoms of diabetes, or if your dog or cat start Saturdays and eat a lot to get a lot of pee, but also the sudden appearance of cataracts, should not be delayed, but it is necessary to go to a trusted veterinarian to perform the corresponding operations. "
The dog and cat's diabetes month will last until November 30th. Look for the participating veterinary facilities on the or facebook.comgiornatadeldiabete

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