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Big crash occurred in Macau F3 Formula 1 F1 news

Big crash occurred in Macau F3 Formula 1 F1 News ESPN F1

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Sophia Porush crashed at 270 kilometers per hour in the young German leadership in the F3 race in Macau because of a serious injury that broke her spine.

The 17-year-old Porsche was riding on another machine and flew and crashed into the area at the end of the runway without being able to slow down. In the photograph of the film from the star, the part that caused the crash is not shown, but it turned out later that Frush was in contact with a rival machine at the opening of the full opening to the Lisbon section.

Her machine hit a lost control, he said he jumped on another machine and jumped into the checkpoint. According to the speed trap in the brake zone, Porush ran at 276.2 km / h when the second connection was made.

The damage to the barrier led to the suspension of the temporary red flag for the race. Froush was aware of and presented to the hospital, Macao Grand Prix Organizer announced, but later the initial diagnosis of fracture in the vertebrae was given. After that, Froush wrote that he was confident with "Twitter" and was prepared for analysis.

"I wanted to tell everyone that I'm okay, I'm going to undergo surgery tomorrow morning, thank you @ fia and @ hwaag_official, @ Mercedes AMGF 1 who have done a wonderful treatment … thank you to anyone who sends me.

The place where the machine collapsed was the place where there were many photographers, the race and a number of other people were brought to the hospital with Phariseh. Shosui Tsuboi Frosh climbed machine also sent a statement to the hospital to complain about back pain but after reporting the safety is reported.

One Marshall suffered a wound to the wound and a fracture of his jaw. Two photographers were also transferred, one of whom was watching progress with heavy laceration, and another Mr. Minami Hiroyuki was diagnosed as shaking my brain.

Mick Schumacher, who became the new F3 champion, also took part, after the race continued, Dan Tectum of Red Bull Jr. won the championship.


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