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[에픽게임즈] Distribution of 2 free games … Provide cloud storage feature


2 free RPG periods
Free device change with cloud storage

[비아이뉴스] Reporter Jang Jung-Woo: Epic Games, which continues the free distribution of games, will provide two games for free this time around.

Epic Games Korea, a developer of games and game engines, Epic Games Korea, said it started offering free downloads of the two works at the Epic Games Store.

Turn-Based RPG meets strategic simulation “ Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden & # 39; & # 39; was developed by Beard Ladies and released at Funcom last December. .

In the world after the extinction of mankind, only mutes close to animals remain in their pursuit of shelter or food. Introducing a turn-based combat system inspired by XCOM, the team can use real-time stealth technology to sit in enemy camps or avoid combat. You can also meet various characters who are far from traditional heroes, such as a duck with a bad attitude and a wild boar with angry control.

Hyper Light Drifter is a classic 16-bit adventure RPG designed with modern devices and large scale. It is 2D pixel graphics but gives smooth and detailed graphics. Indie developer Heart Machine is funded by Kickstarter to develop and provide services.

The player becomes a wanderer suffering from an illness with unbearable pain and travels through the land of time buried to heal the sick, collecting forgotten knowledge and lost skills. The difficulty level of the game is so high that it is called Dot-Pan Dark Soul and requires precise control.

In addition to this week's free games including Hyper Light Drifter, Mutant Ear Zero: Road to Eden, World War Z, Enter The Sound, Alan Wake, The Cloud Keeping feature has been applied to the game. Except for 17 games, all Ubisoft games at the Epic Games Store support cloud storage. Cloud storage is a feature that makes it possible to store the game history of players on the web, so that they can continue the game history of their previous state, such as experience, level, items, etc. In the future, we will continue to test with each developer to apply cloud storage to more Epic Games store games to enhance the user experience.

Park Sung-cheol, CEO of Epic Games Korea, said, "This week, we offer two player-friendly games for free," he said. "Mutant Year Zero: Road to Battle, turn-based combat and action fast." We hope you enjoy playing "Eden" and the best 2D graphics and enjoy the "Hyper Light Drifter", and we will continue to update features like cloud storage that will be applied in the future. .

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