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Alley restaurant & # 39; Baek Jong-won "I can not cheat even if the broadcast is deceived" … Fury House, son's anger

Baek Jong-won was angry with the behavior of the Son's family.

May 21, SBS & Alley Restaurant & # 39; by Baek Jong-won (later called Alley Restaurant & 39), Baek Jong wins pulled in the middle of control.

On this day, Baek Jong – wondered what he did during the past week.

So, the family's son said he had practiced the practice of running chicken and sauce. However, he learned to make a sauce from one day before visiting Baek Jong wins. "I knew I had to do it," she said.

Baek Jong wins showed his displeasure to the Hong-tak family's son, who reported he had made a sauce. But to tell the story about his son who works hard, I decided to trust him and try to make a chicken. So, a Filo-Hong family showed the chicken before Baek Jong wins. His appearance of practicing 5 dogs a day for a week was so clumsy.

Baek Jong – won me the process until just before roasting a chicken fried rice. So he prepared chicken fried rice, as he knew. However, he did not work on the chicken because he practiced to cut the chicken without studying the chicken.

Hong-tak's son changed his words saying he could make a sauce without a recipe. My son hastened, for he could not even find the material, and his mother, who was less able to do that, informed me in a cruel way. Baek Jong – defeated silently and looked at his son to make a sauce.

In Baek Jong – the winner's direction to make a sauce for one person, son of Son Hong made an incredible amount of sauce. When Baek Jong won asked, "How many services is this?" He shook his head.

Using his spoon whenever he made a sauce, washing his chickens with washing dishes, his actions that did not know about a kitchen, caused Baek Jong's anger.
Image"I do not know what you are doing," said Baek Jong wins, "but I did not realize that you did not notice what you did." He added.

"I do not know what the world fears," said Baek Jong-win, "and the world is not so easy. I do not want to be in the world, but I can not do it because I can not cheat the hypope I'm not afraid of the world How can my mother carry my face?

"I do not think it's a good thing to have a room, but it does not stop there," said Baek Jong-won. I did not easily feel my feelings easily.

"I do not know how I lived so far, but I can not do that," said Baek Jong-won, "I die when I die and I can not do it. I do not want to go to the counter and try to calculate the money, "he said.

Jae-won said: "The restaurant is not easy because it does not have a greedy person, and it does not suffer from a restaurant and a kitchen. Why did you suffer your mother? I do not have to do it. When I decided what this is?" Baek Jong-won finally asked his son to ask him again, "do you want to stop?"

After that, Baek Jong – won his seat and left only his mother and son. My mother cleansed her head calmly as if she were a sinner. And the son was sitting in the kitchen corner and thought for a long time.

My mother said to her son: "Buy a chicken, and I'll tell you how to get the food out." The son then said: "Do not do it." He took off his apron and went out. Especially when I left my mike except the garage, it was worried about my mother.

After a long time the mother took her son back to the store. And the son again received his apron and microphone. The son put on her microphone again and wrapped her apron. And at that time the mother went alone to the cocktail house, bought the cocked chicken, and returned to the store. When her mother was away, her son saw the chicken he had trimmed.

Time passed again, and the son took his sword and began to worry about the chicken. I waited for a different son. However, in the following trailer that was broadcast at the end of the broadcast, Baek Jong-won and the Hong-tak family's son, who are in conflict with the other, were developing, raising questions about the future development.

(SBS funE Kim Hyo Jeong editor)

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