Friday , January 15 2021

ASUS has 240Hz player monitors ROG XG248Q

[smartPC사랑=김희철 기자] ASUS Korea launches the XG248Q, a high speed of refreshing speed of 240 Hz for ROG-based players in Korea.

ROG STRIX The XG248Q is a gaming optimized for e-sports and games based on the 24-inch, FHD resolution of the ROG direct monitor. With a high download of 240Hz and 1st answer rating, it's ideal for FPS games such as Call of Duty or Overwatch.

In addition, when connecting to an AMD graphics card, the FreeSync technology removes screenshots and frames and solves on the screen and ensures delays. It is suitable for first-person shooting games (FPS), race, liveweight strategic games and sports games.

In addition, the NVIDIA Extreme Low Motion Blur technology was applied to get images of optimal games. By removing the opacity or blurring of dynamically moving objects, you can experience a clearer and more clean game.

Aesuso also applied ROG Strix XG248Q monitors to the ROG monitor's original show. The ROG Strix XG248Q features bold lines and efficient light effects of light effects. The illuminating drawings of the projection were applied.

The Light-Sign feature allows users to create and edit light project effects directly, with two ROG logo and three customizable covers at the bottom of the monitor.

The Aura RGB LED can be adapted to your own illuminating effects by synchronization with hardware and peripherals, which support ASUS Aura Sync. In addition, AESUS Game Plus and AESUS visible technology can be applied to six predefined modes.

This product has a ergonomically designed pedestal, which can turn to the left or right, pivot to turn the screen 90 degrees, pivot the monitor to the left or to the right, bend up and down, it also has a high feature that can be adjusted. The viewing angle is also wide.

The ASSUS ROG Strix XG248Q will be available for sale in late November. The official distributor of ASUES will be hosted by INTEC & CO., LTD.

Kim Hee-chul reporter [email protected]

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