Tuesday , May 11 2021

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Jisuta's main character is not the game stand. VR, AR, Face Recognition, and other innovations in technology and experience to attract audiences.

The game was a global hit, but the essence of epic games came from Unreal Engine.For this reason, despite the provocations of Chris Pratt, he could not pass the demonstration when he found the treasure chest The hidden.

Seven types of demonstrations were a little crowded to accommodate multiple Gstar audiences, but provided a wide range of technologies from epic games including VR technology, Face AR, and Cross Play. Unlike the weekly content that anyone can attend, the booth approach requires a simple certification process. Ordinary audiences can join the official cafe or sign in to the Unreal Engine account.

Demo technology is Digital Man, Real Time Ray Tracing, VR TOON, VR Buddy, Super Soccer Star, AR Face, and Fort Knight Crossplay. Like many new technologies that have yet to be implemented, there was no difficulty in trying with the team responsible for each device.

Real-time ray tracing is an epic feature that supports games through Unreal Engine. The user's design is applied in real time to changes in the light source, temperature, lighting angle and subject size. In the past, the process of design change has been greatly reduced, and it has been used not only as a game but also as a CG technology for movies.

Digital Human is also developing new technology and implements a graphic level close to real people. Even if the screen is enlarged, the texture is not broken, but the texture, lightness and pores of the skin can be confirmed. Both technologies can be triggered with a touchscreen without a separate input device, giving a different impression than when powered with the mouse.

VR content made with Unreal Engine attracted the attention of visitors. VR Tone, produced by Textile Studio, has restored the Web to Webtoon with VR, and the audience can experience live let's for the sake of the Earth, the region of the G & 39; And on the spot.

VR TOON, which I experienced in my personal experience, was able to sense the superiority of "accessibility" and "presence". With the latest technology applied, you can choose the job and listen to VR devices like webtoons and web. Because the content is automatically enabled, it is easier to watch than the existing webtoon because it does not require a separate input device such as a mouse and keyboard.

It was impressive that the unique feel of the VR content that seemed to shift the viewer's gaze to the Webtons world view. In particular, we have embraced all parts of the audience's eyes beyond the expressions of stereoscopic images as the style of Webtoons. In fact, when I put my visual and auditory perception on the VR, I was able to concentrate on viewing the world of the Internet even in a cell full of audiences.

In addition, Face AR, which recognizes the user's face and expresses it as a character, VR Buddy interact with characters in animation, football and football game football being produced by Unreal Engine in Interactive 9M, seems to be content competitive enough.

While it is true that the real engine demo is inferior to Fort Knight, it is not a bad choice to switch to epic games stand if you want to see the future of games and video content rather than to the party.

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