Sunday , January 24 2021

North Korean Nuclear-North Korea Related Working Group, One-Day Regulatory Policy

Lee Doo-hoon – Video conferencing and video conferencing

South Korea and the United States decided to hold a joint meeting on the nuclear neutralization of Korea, sanctions and intercultural relations, which had just been launched every two weeks every day.

A senior executive officer on the RK-American advisory said in a meeting with reporters on the opening group of the working group on March 20, "I think we have to join a collaborative group twice as much as possible as possible."

Officials said the two sides agreed to cover every two weeks, although they can jump if there is no current problem.

The two sides will probably face face to face, if there is an opportunity to visit the other country, and the rest is likely to consider ways to hold a conferencing in the form of video conferencing. .

The reason that the ROK and the United States have decided to act regularly with a group meeting seems to be able to provide close information on the agreement and political coordination of the negotiations of North Korea and the inter-core relations in the current situation where the situation of the Korean peninsula occurs.

It will play a role in preventing the disagreement between the United States and the RoK of the policy to North Korea, carrying out the role of the RK-US information exchange channel.

The Working Group, which will focus on the strategy for negotiating the denialization, the implementation of sanctions in North Korea and inter-Korean relations, has been launched as a council of the government ministry with the employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea, the National Cheong Wa Dae Security Agency, the Ministry of Association and the Secretariat Department of the State State of the United States and the White House Security Council.

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