Tuesday , January 26 2021

"Secret Presidency sure casts gold casts" 500 million scam scams> Company> News

A 60-year-old man who was involved in a lot of money was arrested by the police.

The special police investigations department arrested the 65-year-old Yunmo on suspicion of intercepting 550 million victories because he had a huge amount of gold in a government-controlled secret treasure,

Ion went to Ahan, who goes to church in the same church in April, and discovered that he had betrayed Ahn to secure a profit of 500 billion dollars by investing money to cash the 6 trillion won of gold kept in a secret safe in the Wongnam District.

Yun said he showed pictures of gold bars on his mobile phone, relieving Mr. Ann, and demanded the cost of repayment, saying that he has a reasonable procedure, such as the need for approval by the US Department of State.

The police explained that the victim believed in Jon's words, which he usually knew in church, because he needed urgent money.

The police said they no longer had any victims but Ann, and that they had been immediately questioned and sent to the prosecution, considering that they were impersonating Aung Wah Dae.

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