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Ugly We Are A Child Beef steak + butter noodles, fantasy palace chef recipe

Li Sangmin's plate continued.

In 18, the SBS entertainment program 'Ugly Woogie' (Directed by Kwak Sung-yang, Chung-wong Park, Han Sung-ho)

The "ugly puppies"

Zhang Dongmin, Slipi and Hyong-Juan, who watched Lee Sangmin's cooking skills in the regular broadcasts, waited for food with predictable eyes. Lee Sangmin was a steak of a meat cube baked in pottery on the chopping board.

Beef is a small meat, rich in fat, fleshy and grown for meat. Lee sangmin showed the wasabi and the jolly mayonnaise in honey as if to accompany your stay.

But here we were amazed. That noodles waiting for the first time. It was a very simple dish cooked in a microwave oven with noodles in soup, meat, soup and butter.

He praised the taste of vanilla butter equally. On the other hand, Li Sangmin's belongings were presented to his friends and they were auctioned off.

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