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Baltic Musicians Join To Create A Song To Celebrate 30th Anniversary Of Baltic Road | BNN


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Baltic musicians – Latvian band Tools, Lithuanian singer Jazz and Estonian groups Ewert and the Two Dragons leader Everts Sundja – United to record a new song dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Baltic Way, to be held on August 23, 2019.

Although recorded in mid-July, this song will be presented to the general public at a major event in late August, when the fourth special member of the project will also be unveiled.

The music of the song is written by Reinis Cayan (Tools) and the words are written by the Latvian poet Mart Puyat.

«This is a very special project that we co-authored with musicians from the Baltic States and another special partner to be presented at the premiere of the song in late August and at the same time the promoter of this inspirational project. Today the history of the Baltic Way seems completely unique, but at that time it seemed impossible to do otherwise. One person cannot do anything without the support of other people of the same kind, and such measures prove it a thousand times. When we unite, we are much stronger than we understand, "Sean says.

The authors of the project celebrate the Baltic States and their history with a newly created song to remember and transmit from generation to generation the meaning of the value of freedom – the freedom that the people of these countries have longed for, creating the Baltic Way.

Electronic band of MGP Tools is one of the most innovative music groups in Latvia. It is constantly looking for new ways to collaborate with its audience, build unprecedented collaboration and constantly evolve. Tools received 14 Music Awards of the Year, including Debut of the Year (2009), Best Song (2009 and 2010), Best Indie Album (2014), Best Concert Record (2015), Best Song (2017) and Best Pop Album and Best Album of the Year. (2018)

Everts Sundja are Estonian groups Ewert and the Two Dragons vocalist and leader. The band was formed several years ago and has since established itself as one of the leaders in the Estonian music industry – Hits of the Year (2011), Album of the Year (2012), European Border Breakers Award (2013), Rock of the Year (2016), Group of the Year, and Album of the Year (2018).

Singer Jazzazo (Juste Arlauskaite) is recognized in Lithuania as the most influential figure in pop culture. She won impressive industry awards and nominations, but was born on April 23, 1989, just a few months before the Baltic Route.

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