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Di Maria stands out with a free kick, PSG plays and wins French Super Cup – Football –


For the past six years, the PSG winners of the Super Cup have been a clear favorite of this match, even without the disqualified Neymar. However, PSG received a cold shower relatively soon after the match began. After a good move from the right Adriens Hunou almost gave a goal to the house at 13 minutes. The "Rennes" of France took the most opportunity to put together their team with another goal 1 – 0 for the visitors.

It also turned out to be the only Rennes hit by the first half, and as expected, PSG's pressure only increased. However the Parisians did not have a great chance to win, and after 45 minutes the score was good for Rennes. After 12 minutes of play, the Paris superstar leveled after a short run in the middle of the field followed by Pablo Saraby, who had a shot at goal. The Spaniard immediately sent Kilian Mbappe ahead of the goal and the 20-year-old superstar reached 1: 1.

About ten minutes later, Mbappe fell into the penalty box after contacting his opponent, but the referee's whistle was silent. A moment later, PSG hit a free kick 20-25 yards from the goal. Anhels Di Maria's shot went wide, and the Argentine did not disappoint – the goalkeeper didn't even move until the ball reached the goal post near the right post. PSG took the lead at 2: 1 and defended it for the remaining 20 minutes.

PSG won the Super Cup for the seventh time in a row and ninth overall, becoming the richest Super Cup in French club history. Lyon's closest follower is eight, but he last fought in 2016, and in 2012.

The game took place at a stadium in Shenzhen, southern China, which seats more than 60,000 fans. Until 2008, the Super Cup was always played in France, but since 2009, the game has been played abroad, mostly on other continents (the only exception being 2016, when the match took place in Austria). In China, the Super Cup was played for the third time, and for the second year in a row in Shenzhen.

French Super Cups for the last 10 years

Year Winner The loser The result
2018 PSG Monaco 4: 0
2017 PSG Monaco 2: 1
2016 PSG Lyon 4: 1
2015 PSG Lyon 2: 0
2014 PSG Guingamp 2: 0
2013 PSG Bordeaux 2: 1
2012 Lyon Montpellier 2: 2 (4: 2 PS)
2011 Marseille Lille 5: 4
2010 Marseille PSG 0: 0 (5: 4 PS)
2009 Bordeaux Guingamp 2: 0
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