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Festival "Bildes" invites the "Concert Blues" – Music in Latvia – Music – Culture +

The "Festival Belt" Tradition Festival "Bilds" has been working since 1990. This concert is one of those rare occasions, in which Latvian blues can be seen on the same stage together. Musicians and groups such as Aynners Poplas and "[Pī] Blues, the Blues Gang, Wakada, Iva Kakula, Belorix Blues, Nice and Nadezintz, Iva Sotogova, Rao the Fool, Twins Pick, Kristapas Valdis and Annadze, the Exile in Brussels and Bago Duo.

For the third time, the group "Rao Fool" will appear at the festival, which stood in their music in stylistic traditions of the 30s and 40s of the last century and sometimes used musical instruments for various social matters.

"In my opinion, this festival is a very good platform for young musicians, but the" Blues "" Concert Blues "is distinguished not only by the program but also by trusted listeners who are open arms at a time and are open to a variety of blues – even for such a group like us, "Every time especially for" Pictures "we make one special song, this time we will play our version of the regatta," says the guitarist and one of the soloists – Peter Narubin. Listeners can also wait to sing from the album "Rahu the Fool", which will be shown at the end of November.

One of the most anticipated performances of the "Concert Blues" will be the performance of the legendary blues guitarist Vladis Vandadzynetz, the son of pianist Kristaps Vanadzins, who will play limb drummer Rudolf Dankfeld.

Kristaps Vanadzišš says: "I have never noticed how 14 years have passed since the festival" Pictures 2004 "performed together with the greenhouse effect group and our father.In this group, participants were now pop music and well-known musicians in the then – Maya Sain Sang , Raines Osulintz played bass, Nice Unnexnis played drums, and later joined guitarist Iannis Kalninz, that was not my first concert – in 2003 I was speaking at the children's concert of Bills. Since then, we have not played with our father in such a serious project, and ultimately the invitation to the Bills was a good reason to play together again, considering that at this moment I went to the organ game without the piano for the academic game And Legg & # 39; So, I got the idea to do the "organ trio" so to speak – that is, without a guitar trio playing bass, but bass function plays the organ. It seems to me that our degrees of latitude for this trio will be very interesting! "

Tickets for the "Blues Picture Blues" concert are available at Card Paradise offices and on the Internet.

The concert will include a concert of joint projects by groups and people who have already appeared in the pictures (November 24), a concert by a young team and a concert of photo veterans (November 30), a concert for children (December 1) 1).

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